15 Dating ‘Words’ People Are Using… And What They Really Mean!

15 Dating ‘Words’ People Are Using… And What They Really Mean!
In this day and age, you’d agree that we all look for shortcuts for just about everything...then why should texting be left behind? Here is a list of some dating acronyms that will save you the effort of typing so much, and at the same time make you feel like a really cool agent with your own secret code language. So if you have someone special in your life, it’s time to get yourself accustomed to these dating acronyms...

1. LDR: Long Distance Relationship

Everyone who is in a long distance relationship knows how the fact comes up in a conversation every now and then! In Use: I’m in an LDR with Pranjal, so you must have guessed how important FaceTime is to both of us! *wink*

2. ILY: I Love You

A short and fun way to say these three magical words, oops, we mean letters to your loved one. Besides, the acronym has a very loving feel to it as well. In Use: I had a great time with you this evening. ILY, goodnight! 2 dating acronyms

3. DTR: Define The Relationship

An acronym used for a quick status check on your relationship ‘status’ with someone. In Use: We practically spend all our time with each other, just DTR for me.

4. FBO: Facebook Official

When you are dating someone and consequently decide to change your relationship status on Facebook from ‘single’ to ‘in a relationship’, it means that your are now Facebook Official. In Use: He asked me out last month, but now we are finally FBO. Woohoo!
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5. F2F: Face To Face

Not everything can be discussed on text or phone call, sometimes a face to face conversation becomes necessary. Hence, the acronym F2F! In Use: Discussing this topic over text can create misunderstandings between us, let’s talk about this F2F?

6. DTF: Down To Fuck

Feeling turned on? If you have a boyfriend, then the plan of action would be to ask him if he too is down to fuck? In Use: Hey love, I’ll be getting free from work around 8 pm, are you DTF once I’m back? 6 dating acronyms

7. B&D: Bondage & Domination

If you are in a mood for some kinky play and want to express this to your partner in the simplest way, we sure can give you an acronym to tell your man about your current mood for some bondage and domination. In Use: Babe, I’m in the mood for some B&D tonight. Are you game?

8. GTSY: Glad To See You

Meeting your darling after so long, you must be glad to see them. Simply drop them a message letting them know how you feel: Glad To See You. In Use: You are finally back from Singapore, I’m so GTSY!
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9. HAK: Hugs And Kisses

Texting XOXO is so done and dusted! WhatsApping bae some hugs and kisses is the new thing! In Use: See you tonight sweetheart, HAK!

10. IWSN: I Want Sex Now

At one point or another, your hormones are racing and you just really really feel like having sex. Urgency calls for short forms and what shorter way to express your desires than saying IWSN! In Use: I’m PMS-ing and turned on as hell, IWSN! 10 dating acronyms

11. FWB: Friends With Benefits

There is lust and then there is love. Then there are some relationships which are more than friendship and less than love. Technical term? Friends with benefits. In Use: What’s going on between you and Sushant? Nothing serious, we’re just FWB.

12. TFLN: Texts From Last Night

Dear ladies, if you want to discuss the texts from last night with your boyfriend, then this one acronym could be of great use to you. In Use: I just read our TFLN. I don’t remember anything, I was clearly way too drunk!
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13. STN: Spend The Night

This is an awesome slang that can be used as secret code while communicating with your sweetheart, especially when you're around others. In Use: My parents are out for the weekend, why don’t you STN at my place?

14. LTR: Long Term Relationship

If you’ve been with a guy for a long while now, then this acronym is likely to come in handy! In Use: Being in an LTR with Arjun, I realised that he is so much more than just a good looking guy. 14 dating acronyms

15. NSA: No Strings Attached

Being in a casual, adult relationship that doesn’t need to have you or your partner romantically attached to each other! In Use: I am so glad I’m in an NSA relationship with Rahul. I can be free and do whatever I want. GIFs: Tumblr, Giphy