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#MyStory: We Had Sex For The First Time… After We Broke Up!

#MyStory: We Had Sex For The First Time… After We Broke Up!

Like everyone else in my friend circle, I wanted my first time to be super special! I was someone who believed in waiting for sex till it actually felt right. Around ṭwo years back, my boyfriend and I were going through a rough patch. We weren’t able to spend quality time with each other and it just wasn’t working out.
I still remember, one night, we had this endless argument about how he’s always busy with his friends and he had the same problem with me. Our conversation wasn’t a conversation anymore and we were literally shouting at each other. Things were going out of control and a lot of damage was already done. We both were saying mean things to each other and you know how old fights crop up when you are having a new one and that’s exactly what happened. And just when I thought things couldn’t go back to normal now, he said, ‘Maybe we shouldn’t be with each other’ and I was in tears. Of course, that was the right thing to do and so we ended things peacefully and decided that we won’t talk to each other at all. Internal we broke up and had sex I didn’t receive any messages or calls from him for one month and neither did I try to get in touch with him. One evening, while heading back to home from college, I was missing him like crazy and so I messaged him. He replied too but our conversation was formal and awkward. It was our anniversary the very next day but obviously we weren’t celebrating it. There was nothing left between us now. I was feeling vulnerable and I couldn’t control my urge to tell him that I wanted to meet him. We both reached the place where we often used to hang out when we were together. Everything was fine. It was like we never broke up. We didn’t talk about our fight and it was just like any other outing with him. The evening was almost about to get over and I didn’t want him to go away and so he decided to drop me home. We reached my place and I asked him if he wanted to stay over since my parents were out of town and he agreed.
A few minutes later, we were in bed, watching a super romantic film. He held my hand and looked at me. Our eyes met and then our lips. We started kissing and it was one hell of a kiss. Soon, we started undressing each other and everything was just so intense and emotional. He whispered that he had missed me and I reciprocated with kissing him on his forehead. Things were getting super hot and heavy and so we both just went with the flow and did it. YES! We had sex and no, we didn’t even have a condom. Of course, it was super uncomfortable and a bit painful but honestly, it felt right. I wanted to lose my virginity to someone I loved and I did. My boyfriend then went to the chemist to buy condoms. I was wondering that we broke up and had sex, for the first time! The second time was a bit less awkward and after we were done, we had *the talk*. We both realized that we love each other way too much and that we wanted to be together. We’ve been with each other ever since and even though my first time wasn’t super magical or romantic, it was intense and emotional and that’s exactly how I wanted it to be. Images: Shutterstock Have a story you’d like to share? Just drop us an email here with your story – don’t forget to put #MyStory in the subject line. We’ll get back to you about whether we can feature it.
Published on Jan 19, 2017
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