#MyStory: We Found Our Happily Ever After The *Second* Time… | POPxo

#MyStory: We Found Our Happily Ever After The *Second* Time…

#MyStory: We Found Our Happily Ever After The *Second* Time…
I come from a small town and my story is that of a girl who mistook her infatuated state to be love. The relationship I was in was an abusive one and it drained me emotionally like nothing else ever had. Getting out of it however, seemed tougher than being in it. When it was time for college, I moved out of my hometown as I got through one of the best colleges in the country. I went with a lot of aspirations, dreams and hope. One hope was to finally be able to get out of that dreaded relationship. Sadly, things didn't turn out the way I had hoped and that guy continued to exist in my life. At the time, I thought that my life had come to a standstill.
It was only later, when I moved to Bangalore to complete my internship in the last semester of college, that things seemed to change for the better. Bangalore gave me the courage that I had lost. I finally got the strength to put my foot down and got rid of that toxic relationship and boy. As they say, you have to let go of the past, for a bright future. This was when a guy called Karan came into my life. He respected me for who I was, cared for me and made sure I was always with a smiling face. Honestly, I had never seen this side of a guy or a relationship. I requested him to take things slow, as I was still skeptical about getting into a relationship again. Then, I was to go to Mysore for a month of training for my new job (the job was in Bangalore itself). This one month away from Karan made me realize that I had actually fallen in love with him and I really missed him. I made up my mind that I would get back to Bangalore and confess my love for him. Internal second chance
But life had some other plans for me. While I was away, his ex somehow came to know about us and started stalking him. She was not ready to let go of him. Now that she had come in between, I decide to back off. My world was shattered once again and I thought that I wasn't meant for love or to be loved. I quit my first job within 2 months, and went back to my hometown. I decided never to return to Bangalore. However, that wasn’t how it was supposed to be. A few months later, I got my dream job offer and to take that up I had to move back to Bangalore! I somehow got convinced by my parents to take this step and accept the job offer. Apprehensive about this new happening in my life, I stepped into the city again. I happen to start living with a girl who was Karan's friend. She told me how upset he had been about me leaving the city and how he tried very hard to look for me. I didn't believe her and asked her to keep mum about me being back in the Bangalore. As luck would have it, he got this piece of information through some other common friends. He came over and apologized and begged and cried and then after whole 2 months of all of this, I decided to give him a second chance. I guess this was the right way to go about it. This second chance actually worked well for us.
Every day since then, has been a wonderful journey filled with love, care and happiness together. It's been three and a half years and life with Karan is beautiful. We are now officially engaged and all set to marry in Feb, 2017. What I believe now is that life is all about second chances. *Names changed to protect privacy. Images: Shutterstock Have a story you’d like to share? Just drop us an email here with your story – don’t forget to put #MyStory in the subject line. We’ll get back to you about whether we can feature it.