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#MyStory: I Fell In Love With A Guy Who Is 8 Years Older To Me…

#MyStory: I Fell In Love With A Guy Who Is 8 Years Older To Me…

I was always one of the most sought after girls in school. Guys would come around proposing and I loved to reject them. All this, because I thought I should be dating some ‘cool’ guy, a hunk, popular, hero sort of a boy. But when I found that ‘hunk’ and started dating him, I realized that we had absolutely no chemistry between us!
I always made fun of girls who got married to guys much older than them - I called them ‘desperate’. I could never accept that they were actually in love. As I grew up, I realised how wrong I was and how hurtful my statements were back then. Now, at 21, in a management college, I’m in love with my senior who is 8 years older than me. I came to the college as a chirpy, confused, happy-go-lucky girl and met this extremely serious, competitive guy who has been through a lot in his life. So he knows the value of every opportunity one gets and also knows how to use it to the fullest. I never thought about him romantically, obviously, because he was so much older than me. In fact, I instantly tagged him as the super serious and boring kind of guy who I thought was weird and uncool. But I was proved wrong and am so happy about that. I can easily vouch for the fact that being with someone older than you is the best thing that can happen to any girl! He isn’t the best looking guy I have dated or even the ‘cool’ guy in college, but it was the way he made me feel that made me fall in love with him. Internal in love with a guy who was not my type Given how careless, stubborn, sensitive, hyperactive and egoistic I was when I joined college 6 months ago, he has made me a much better person. I can confidently say I am way more patient and considerate now. He treats me like an equal, has taught me how stepping down is not always about accepting defeat but may also mean winning. From the day we started dating, he’s been into this relationship with all his heart. He’s never been like the ‘hunk’ I wanted to date. He’s better, much better! He even made me meet his mother and told her that I am the girl he loves and wants to build a future with. He assures me that he will do his best to make our life even better and this is what makes me so happy everyday.
So girls, find a man pushes you to pursue your dreams and makes you an even better person. I fell in love with a guy who was not my type, but it was the best thing to happen to me. Also, age is just a number, and it has nothing to do with love. When you find the right guy, you will know that even if you both are complete opposites, the missing piece in your puzzle will be complete. Images: Shutterstock Have a story you’d like to share? Just drop us an email here with your story – don’t forget to put #MyStory in the subject line. We’ll get back to you about whether we can feature it.
Published on Jan 16, 2017
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