13 Little Things Girls Do In Bed That Guys Love… A Lot!

13 Little Things Girls Do In Bed That Guys Love… A Lot!
They say that it’s the little things that make all the difference... Even in relationships, this holds true. There are some cute little things that a girl can do in bed, to give her guy his dose of TLC and make him feel incredibly special. So here are some of those things you do in bed to make your boyfriend happy and show him that you’re a keeper too!

1. Wear his tee

Guys absolutely adore seeing their girlfriends wearing their oversized t-shirt, waiting for them in bed. Besides, if you leave his tee smelling of you, it will completely drives him nuts!

2. Snuggle with him without wearing a bra

This one is simple: all you have to do is slip out of your bra and snuggle up to your man. Feeling your body's curves under his skin, would be a definite treat for your man. Want to make it even better? As soon as he gets into bed, remove your bra in front of him and throw it aside! 2 things you do in bed

3. Whisper sweet nothings in his ear

Yes, you heard us right! So the next time when you whisper sweet nothings into his ear while he is cosily tucked in bed with you, be sure to observe his cheeks turning red.

4. Compliment his body

Seeing him get under the sheets in just his boxers is a great time to tell him how that cute butt of his makes you feel so hot! Trust us, you shall be dearly rewarded for paying that compliment! 4 things you do in bed

5. Give him a nice massage

If your man has had a long day at work, then you could simply give him a nice neck and back massage and restfully tuck him into bed for brownie points. He would definitely feel incredibly lucky to have you as his girlfriend!

6. Dirt talk

Well, dirty talking is a no brainer, right? Just like some of us women are ever ready for shopping, most men are ever ready for a dirty talking session. So if you’re in a mood for some hanky panky at night, just dirty talk your way to it, girl! 6 things you do in bed

7. Smell like daisies

Take a quick shower before bedtime and climb into bed smelling of your sweet, sweet natural scent. With your body all soft and moist, hair strands wet and dripping with water, smelling like daisies, you are sure to drive him absolutely crazy…

8. Dress sexy for him

Your guy loves to look after you, pamper you and lift you up when you’re feeling down. So it makes sense to make an effort, every now and then, to dress up in some sexy and lacy lingerie -just for him! 8 things you do in bed

9. Make the first move

Casually brush your hand against him ‘down there’ or be the one to initiate a passionate kiss. He loves it when you take him by surprise and show him how much you want him.

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10. Wear nothing at all

This doesn’t need much elaboration, does it? If you’re not wearing any clothes, and he gets to snuggle up to you, he’ll be grinning with absolutely nothing to complain about! 10 things you do in bed

11. Spooning Cuddling

You want to make your man feel special? Just ask him turn around when you're in bed and be the big spoon as you cuddle him from behind for once. It's okay if you're much shorter, he'll love it anyway!

12. Movie marathon time

Plan his favourite movie marathon in bed with popcorn and nachos. He would love you for making an effort to watch his favourite movies, while being cozily tucked in bed with each other. Star Wars, Rocky and Avengers are just some of our picks. 12 things you do in bed

13. Morning kiss

Now who wouldn't love to be woken up by a super sweet morning kiss by his sweetheart? GIFs: Giphy