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What Happened When I Slept With A Guy I Met At A Shaadi…

What Happened When I Slept With A Guy I Met At A Shaadi…
It was my friend’s cocktail night during the four-day long wedding celebrations in her home town. I was dancing the night away along with another friend of mine. That’s when I noticed a couple of men standing around the bar. I went over there to get a glass of wine, and the bartender completely ignored me even after I called out to him a couple of times. My favourite song began to play all of a sudden so I ran back to the dance floor at that time. Suddenly, I noticed this fine, tall man standing there with a glass of wine for me. We were all in the merry making mood, so I took it from him and then we got talking for a bit. We even exchanged numbers.
While we were still talking, my friend called out for me to get on the dance floor. I excused myself and told him I would be back but once I returned to dancing, I forgot about him and continued enjoying the music. We danced the night away and I remember he tried to dance with me a couple of times, but I like to be on my own when dhinchak music comes on so I didn’t give him too much attention. The night ended, and he disappeared. I got back home to get some sleep before the wedding function the next day. That’s when he texted me saying, ‘It was nice meeting you, I’ll see you in Delhi when I come!’ (He isn’t from the capital) Of course that meant that I wasn’t going to see him again for a while. I thought that that was the end of it. But after a few months, I got a call from him asking if we could meet. We were both so broke, we decided to just meet at his place in the day and watch a movie. Of course, I knew there was going to be more. After chatting for a while, we ate some lunch and watched a film. Post that, we got cosy in the bed. I was a bit nervous to begin with - I had never been intimate with someone who wasn’t my boyfriend. More than that, I hardly knew him. All I knew was that my friends were trying to get us together at the wedding. It just happened. One thing led to another and by the end of it, we were having sex! It was definitely exciting and special but I knew it was just a one time thing, so I didn’t think about it too much. We finished watching the movie and I got back home towards the evening. We just texted that day and then got back to our usual lives.
more than just a hook up It had almost been six months since that day and we hadn’t spoken to each other or met. He and I were very clear we didn’t want to date or get into anything on those lines. Then, on a normal work day, I got a call from him saying he was going out with a bunch of his friends and he asked me if I’d like to join. This came as a bit of a surprise to me. I wasn’t expecting him to ask me to hang around with his friends and stuff. What did that even mean? Either way, I did go and we had such a good time. I guess, the initial awkwardness had disappeared and we were just enjoying the moment. We got some food, drinks and listened to a live band at a popular bar around CP. I got back home and went off to sleep. Nothing really happened between the 2 of us that night. Then the next day, he invited me for brunch. We landed up spending the whole day out, from lunch, coffee to dinner and then dessert. It surely was beautiful. We were getting to know each other more. We liked each other’s company. It was smoothe. This was a month back, and ever since then we’ve been talking everyday, though we haven’t really got to meet each other in person.
Sometimes I think that I am just going with the flow, but honestly, I do feel like there is more to this than just that afternoon at his house. It surely was more than just a hook up. Though there are a lots of questions in my head. If he doesn’t want to date, then why does he make an effort towards me? Are we friends because he likes hanging out with me or are we more? Oh...look, he just messaged saying he is coming to Delhi and wants to hang out. Well, let’s see how that goes! Images: Shutterstock