10 Ways To Wear Heels All Day Long (Without Killing Your Feet!)

10 Ways To Wear Heels All Day Long (Without Killing Your Feet!)
All of us have a love-hate relationship when it comes to heels, they look so fabulous but they really can murder our feet! We’ve all been in situations where our feet are so tired and sore from wearing heels all day, it hurts to walk and we can’t wait to throw them off the second we’re home. So, we give you some awesomesauce tips on how to wear heels all day long without killing your feet, or wanting to kill yourself!

1. Tape your toes

1 how to wear heels Image: Apoorva Gupta Though it may sound ridiculously weird to you, but this hack does work. Taping the third and fourth toes of your feet together helps align the muscles, relieving the pressure off the ball of your feet. And hence, a better shoe experience.

2. Invest in shoe cushions and soles

You must definitely invest in silicone shoe cushions and soles as they hold your foot steady while you’re wearing heels. They go directly under the ball of the foot and help relieve soreness. It also helps relieve pain and make wearing heels a lot easier.

3. Make sure you’re wearing the right size

3 how to wear heels One of the biggest fashion mistakes that women make is wearing the wrong shoe size. You must get sized once a year for a perfect fit. Trust us ladies, wearing the right size will make your life a lot easier and less painful.

4. Opt for broader heels

The slimmer your heels the more pressure on your feet to bear the pain. Ditch the stilettos for a pair of block heels and their thicker counterparts as they provide better support and put less pressure on your foot muscles.  

5. Look for shoes with more coverage on top

5 how to wear heels Shoes which are covered from the top pull your toes together, making it easier for you to walk. When wearing open shoes there is a lot of pressure on all the toes, making it difficult to balance.

6. Use the hairdryer hack to make your heels comfortable

If your heels are tight and are making it difficult for you to walk, use this hairdryer hack to stretch them out. All you need is a pair or socks and a hairdryer. Put your socks on before slipping into your heels and just blow dry your feet. This will stretch your heels and make them more comfortable to wear.

7. Opt for thicker soles

7 how to wear heels Heels that have a slim sole, tend to put a lot of pressure on the balls of your feet because of the highly elevated arch that they create between the ground and your heel. Ditch them for heavier and thicker soles as they lower the arch, without bringing down your height. Platform heels are a great alternative to stilettos.

8. Quality is key

When buying heels, always give preference to quality over quantity. It is very important to invest in good heels. Not only can wearing bad quality heels do a lot of damage to your feet, but also can put you at risk of posture and bone related issues.

9. Take breaks

9 how to wear heels This is the easiest way to feel comfortable while wearing heels. Whenever you sit down after a walk, take off your heels and stretch your feet to help blood circulation. If possible, walk around without heels for a while before slipping them back on.

10. The strappier, the better

Yes ladies, if you’re going for strappy heels, make sure you choose ones that have the maximum number of straps. More straps will provide more support for your feet and make wearing in heels a lot more comfortable. Internal Images: Shutterstock