Sex 101: How To Prep Yourself For Sex The *Right* Way!

Sex 101: How To Prep Yourself For Sex The *Right* Way!
It would have been awesome if life and everything related to it came with an instruction manual... But since it doesn’t, we can at least help you prepare to be frisky tonight! The many questions we girls have about sex can be somewhat intimidating, but it’s okay - we’ve got you covered! Here are some tips to prepare yourself for sex and make it an easy and enjoyable experience for both of you.

1. Don’t create too much hype around it

First off, don’t be too worked up about it. Everyone has sex. Seriously, you and I are a product of it. So don’t make a big deal about it. Relax. It’s not something you should be anxious about. Play it cool.

2. Low expectations

On a similar note, don’t set your expectations sky high. Till you get the hang of things - do not expect it to be mind-blowing, rocking or super awesome. It doesn’t have to be (and most probably won’t be) perfect until you get comfortable!

3. Numbers don’t matter

While you may have been told by your peers that size does matter – in reality, it really doesn’t. But technique does. So don’t be too obsessed with size and width and focus on feeling relaxed!   3 prepare yourself for sex

4. Stay hygienic

Remember that BO is a huge turn off for anyone... Besides, your intimate area needs to be clean too. Wash it before and after sex, for sure! Might not seem romantic but it's important.

5. Under my umbrella

Just no substitute to condoms, girls. Stay safe. You don’t have to rely on him for it, be prepared and buy a pack beforehand!

6. Wear something awesome

Your dress as well as your lingerie - it’s important to feel sexy to spice things up a bit for him and for yourself too! 6 prepare yourself for sex

7. Eat right

Sex on your mind? You might want to stay away from certain foods... You wouldn't want to make out after eating garlic and onions, right?!

8. Stay in shape

Sex is exercise. It’s exactly like working out – you’ll be needing a lot of stamina and endurance to have a good spell or you’ll be breathless in no time.

9. Get your hair trimmed

Down there, we mean. You don't need to go for a full Brazilian wax since it can be painful but a trim to make sure everything is neat and tidy always helps! 9 prepare yourself for sex

10. Set the mood

Of course it can be impulsive too but nothing can be more romantic than grooving with your partner and teasing him a bit before the act. These little things can go a long way - especially when it comes to foreplay!

11. Sex can be painful

You must know this going in - and not just the first time but a few times after that too. It gets better though! If it becomes a chronic problem, you should go see a doctor.
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