10 Little Ways To Make Your Wedding Memories Last *Forever*!

10 Little Ways To Make Your Wedding Memories Last *Forever*!
Your wedding is nothing less than the event of a lifetime - and you definitely want these memories to last forever! Beyond the wedding video and the official wedding album, there are many ways you can preserve the teeny tiny details that made your wedding truly unique! Check out these amazing ways to make your wedding memories last forever!

1. Mandap Flowers

You can get the flowers that were on your mandap professionally freeze dried or even dry a selection of them yourself and get them framed.

2. World Map

Have a map of the world set up at your reception and get your guests to sign it, according to where they are from. You can get this professionally embossed later and frame it somewhere in your home! 2 wedding memories

3. Post Wedding Shoot At The Venue

Arrange a couple photo shoot on location so that you can have beautiful shots against the backdrop in which you said I do! You can have your groomsmen and bridesmaids along with you for some truly memorable shots!

4. Set The Scene

Have a designated photo area, outside the function hall, and a photographer on hold to capture each guest as they enter - this way you don't miss out on having pictures of everyone who attended your big day!

5. Frame it!

Of course, you will frame your wedding pictures, but how about framing the lyrics of the song that you two had your first dance to?! 5 wedding memories

6. Live Painting

Hire a professional artist to curate a live painting of your ceremony. You will be amazed by the results and it is the most lovely keepsake to make prints of to give to your guests to take home.

7. Time Capsule Box

Have a box made and put it at the entrance of the function hall. Leave pens and notes of paper there advising guests to leave you messages and put them in the box. You can open these on your first anniversary!

8. Musical Memories

Have the DJ give you a CD of the songs he played during the wedding that people really danced to!! 8 wedding memories

9. Fingerprint Tree

Have a canvas and easel set up at a function with some stamp pads on the side. The canvas should have the basic outline of a bare tree on it. Ask guests to leave fingerprints, as leaves on the tree, and sign their names underneath.

10. Shadow Box

A shadow box is like an all-in-one photo frame and scrapbook! Use your invitation, your favourite wedding photo and some confetti or cuttings of fabric from your outfits to create this special memory!

11. Polaroid Scrapbook

Have guests take shots of themselves with a Polaroid camera. They can stick them into a scrapbook and leave little notes for you guys to read later on! 11 wedding memories

12. Bloopers and Behind The Scenes

Have your photographer make you a blooper reel album - so you can remember that time that aunty sneezed during the family shoot, or the face mom made when she was tasting a shot!
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