11 Little Ways To Make Your Boyfriend Really Miss You! *Wink*

11 Little Ways To Make Your Boyfriend Really Miss You! *Wink*
Making a guy miss you is actually an art. Especially when you have to do it in a classy and subtle way. Here are 11 easy ways to make your guy miss you without making it too obvious! *Wink*

1. Dress up if you know you will see him

Let’s start with the very basics of it. You want to leave him with an image that is pure bliss. So if you know you might bump into him or are going to meet see him, put in some effort. Now, we don’t mean wear something that’s not you. Be yourself… Just a better version, maybe?

2. Have a signature scent

After vision comes smell. Every time you meet him, put on something special so that slowly, he starts recognising you with that smell. This will leave him thinking about you every time he smells something even faintly similar. 2 make your guy miss you

3. Leave something behind in his room

If you ever visit his place, leave something behind ‘accidentally’. Could be that ring he liked on you or your scarf. So when he sees it, he is instantly reminded of you and even tempted to text you about it!

4. Be patient with the texting

Don’t go overboard with texting him. Don’t always be the first one to text. Take your own time before you reply back. There is no hurry when it comes to the skill of making someone miss you. 4 make your guy miss you

5. But also be sweet

Please don’t be outright b*tchy. That would be a major turn off for him. Be civil and nice so that he actually wants to talk to you and waits for your text just as much as you wait for his!

6. Also try to text at night

If you are the first one texting, then try to do it at night. It’s the ideal time! He is relaxed, probably in bed, ready to have a proper conversation. Also, if you’re the one he talks to right before he falls asleep, guess who he’d be thinking of in his dreams? *Wink*
6 make your guy miss you

7. Send cute pictures

No, not sexy pictures. Just cute selfies, maybe you sending a flying kiss or pulling the cutest face that you can. It won’t just make him laugh when he sees them but also remind him of you whenever they pop up in his album.

8. End the conversation first sometimes

Don’t always wait for him to tell you he’s tired and wants to sleep. Be the first one to call it a day, sometimes. Give him the time to miss you and also keep a safe distance between your individual life and your relationship with him. It’ll only be healthy. 8 make your guy miss you

9. Create a mysterious social media aura

If you’ve been flooding your social media, sharing posts and photos... Then stop now! Leave him guessing, girls. He doesn’t need to know where you are all the time. Create a mystery around your social media personality. Maybe you use it, maybe you don’t… Who knows?

10. Add just a tinge of jealousy

Again, don’t go overboard with making him jealous. Men don’t handle it well. However, you can add the illusion of jealousy. Maybe post that picture with your guy bestie with a cutesy caption? If he’s been taking you for granted then this will definitely put an end to that. 10 make your guy miss you

11. When you’re with him, give him undivided attention

Last but not the least, he can only miss what he’s had with you. So whenever you are with him, be around both physically and mentally. Have great conversations, make memories together so when you are not with him, he can actually miss those amazing moments!
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