11 Sweet Ways To Work Through That Fight With Your Boyfriend

11 Sweet Ways To Work Through That Fight With Your Boyfriend
Just fought with your guy? Well, it's okay, all couples do – it’s healthy for the relationship because like they say, nothing is perfect in this world and the best of relations are made up of little spats. Having said that, let your unconditional love remain just that – unconditional, sans any ego! Learn to make up with your boyfriend without changing who you or your partner is. And go mend that fight with these sweet nothings…

1. Go old school

Write a letter – pour your heart but don’t start nagging in it. Not good with words? Steal some lyrics to let him know how terrible you feel after the fight and how miserable you are without him.

2. Take photos

While he isn't looking, click pics of him, make a collage and send it to him with a caption - ‘You look grumpy without me. I suit you - let's end this fight, no?’

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3. Buy him a gift online

And have it delivered to his office or at home. Something he really wanted, like those running shoes or headphones for his morning run. Write a special note on it and wait for his text now! 3 make up with your boyfriend

4. Get to the bottom of the issue

Don’t just sweep the fight under the carpet. Talk about the core of the problem when both of you are calmer. Remember…communication is the key, right?

5. Make a video

Of you saying sorry – but in a really funny way. Say something that he is bound to laugh at. Or do that funny dance. Let it be ridiculous, yet sexy!

6. Have a laugh

At yourself. For all the ridiculous things you do. It’s the best way to lighten up the mood and will subconsciously help your partner to introspect his faults too. 6 make up with your boyfriend

7. Get nostalgic

Of the good times. Go together through your phone gallery and laugh at those silly selfies and crazy snapchat filter pics.

8. Send memes

They are the coolest thing to have happened to the Internet. Look up some funny memes and spam your guy with them. They're bound to make him laugh!

9. Do something thoughtful

Like find his hoodie that he's been looking for or buy some fresh flowers to brighten up his room – everyone loves a little TLC in the form of help, don’t they? 9 make up with your boyfriend

10. Get physical

A nice massage, or a steamy make-out sesh and suddenly and you won't even be able to remember what you were fighting about! It’s hard to stay mad at each other about something small when you can feel awesome together, right? *Wink*

11. Give him a ‘Jaadu ki jhappi’

Because it can melt all kind of fears and help you forgive and forget. GIFs: Giphy, Tumblr