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How To Be Stylish With *Minimum* Effort: The Lazy Girl’s Guide!

How To Be Stylish With *Minimum* Effort: The Lazy Girl’s Guide!
Always running late? Never have the time to get dressed well? Don’t worry, you’re not alone. If you’re a busy bee or just plain lazy and always looking for a quick fix to turn the most basic outfits into stylish ones, you’re at the right place, girl! Here are 10  tips on how to look stylish with MINIMUM effort every single day!

Cool Tips On How To Be Stylish With Least Efforts

1. Easy On, Easy Off Is Your Savior!

The main aim is to save yourself some precious minutes in the morning. Choose outfits that are easy to wear. A shift dress, a basic t-shirt and shorts or anything that takes minimum effort to put on is your savior on mornings you’re rushing to work. Basic outfits like a shift dress can really never fail to make you look stylish.

2. Get Yourself A Uniform

2 how to look stylish No, we aren’t talking about a school uniform, but a combination you feel the most comfortable in. Excluding your PJs, of course! Wear varied versions of the same fashion formula everyday and you will never have to put in much thought every morning. A basic top with distressed denims and a pair of sneakers for instance or a few bright skirts with neutral tops are some great combinations that’ll always work in your favour.

3. Footwear First

Work from the bottom up, ladies! It’s the most annoying thing to dress up with SO much effort only to find out that you have NO footwear to go with your outfit. So pick your footwear first and decide your clothes accordingly.

4. Keep Your Wardrobe Organised

4 how to look stylish Considering you’re a lazy girl like us, we’re sure your wardrobe reflects it too! It’s time to organise your wardrobe for once and save yourself some extra effort every morning. Here are a few simple tips to organise your closet so you know what’s kept where the next time you decide to dress up!

5. The Backup Plan!

Don’t we all have that one fail proof outfit we ALWAYS fall back on? Whether it’s a basic tee and trousers combo or a maxi dress, remember to always keep it clean and ready to be worn. You never know when you may need it!

6. Add A Statement Piece To The Outfit

6 how to look stylish A t-shirt and jeans is a failsafe classic yes, but how do you add a stylish touch to this basic outfit? Add a statement piece to your outfit and make even the most basic outfits look different every single time. A bright coloured bag, a chunky neckpiece or statement danglers can easily make the look work for you.

7. Make Oversized Items Work For You

Don’t want to look boxy when you wear oversized tops? There are two ways to go about this; either you can knot up your top at the front or tuck it into your pants just on the front to define your waist.

8. Try To Think Of An Outfit The Night Before

8 how to look stylish Yes, we know you’re a lazy girl and this is probably the last thing you’ll ever want to do. But trust us, this will make life so much easier for you. Before you hit the bed, think about what you can wear the next day and you can hit the snooze button in the morning without feeling guilty!  

9. Think Before You Shop!

It’s always great to be able to mix and match your separates. Have a good look inside your closet the next time you decide to buy anything new and shop accordingly.

10. Make Up On The Go!

10 how to look stylish If you’re always running late, a small makeup kit in your bag will definitely help you save those precious minutes in the morning. When you’re on your way to work you can easily apply kajal or lipstick and that’ll elevate your look in seconds! Always keep this little kit in your bag so you’re always ready for some last-minute glam. Images: Shutterstock