13 Amazing Indian Wear Hacks EVERY Girl Should Know!

13 Amazing Indian Wear Hacks EVERY Girl Should Know!
Owning a fabulous Indian wear wardrobe is something every girl dreams of. From simple kurtas to elaborate lehengas and sarees, we’re constantly experimenting with different styles and patterns! However, there are pesky little problems that can ruin a perfectly well planned outfit. Here are some effective and valuable hacks that will help you look stunning in Indian wear!

1. For an outfit with a deep back, get bra cups inserted

Rather than struggling to find the perfect bra with your outfit, make a trip to your friendly neighborhood tailor. The trick is to get a cup size that is slightly smaller than your actual bra size, to avoid the cups from looking pointed and ill-shaped.

2. Use a hair straightener for creases

When you’re wearing an outfit that hasn’t been ironed, especially if it was kept folded, you get unwanted lines. To smoothen it out, use your hair straightener the way you would use it on your hair!
2 look stunning in indian wear

3. The trick to tying the nara right!

We’re familiar with that annoying feeling when the petticoat nara and the dori behind the blouse become loose.The best way to make sure they don’t loosen up is to squeeze in or rather, breathe in when making the double knot. Tying it tighter than needed may be uncomfortable for a few seconds but it works wonders!

4. How to keep your bra straps in place

Use a small piece of fabric that goes around the bra strap at the shoulders and fasten it with titch buttons. This ensures that the straps don’t make an unwanted appearance. Again, all you need to do is pay your tailor a short visit. 4 look stunning in indian wear

5. Double sided tape for buttoned-down kurtas

Sometimes, you observe that the placket starts stretching and showing skin, so to avoid this, use double sided tape right between the buttons and see the magic!

6. Fold the saree to avoid bulkiness

If you’re trying to achieve the slim and sleek look, you can do away with a few pleats. All you have to do is fold the saree about half a metre inside, towards the end, when you start tying it. Now the saree length is shortened automatically, reducing the number of pleats. 6 look stunning in indian wear

7. Iron the heavy outfits inside out

Make sure to iron heavy outfits with embroidery and embellishments inside out, otherwise you won’t be able to get rid of the wrinkles. The heat may also destroy the fabric. Use steam irons, if you plan to iron the front side out first.

8. Wear heavy sarees on jeans

Wearing jeans instead of a petticoat ensures that there is adequate movement and zero risk of the saree unraveling. This gives a strong base to the saree, helping it stay in place! 8 look stunning in indian wear

9. Use safety pins as hooks to tighten a skirt!

Use safety pins towards the inside and make sure that a tiny part of the pin remains visible, so that you can use that to lock the hook. This will give a neat look and the fabric won’t gather up around the waist.

10. Get rid of the sweat patches

Stick panty liners around the underarm areas of the blouse to avoid sweat patches. This is a super amazing hack that will help you stay confident all night long! Just make sure to stick it properly so it doesn’t fall out. 10 look stunning in indian wear

11. Say YES to wedges!

Instead of wearing a pair of painful stilettos, under long lehengas, sarees and anarkalis, gain height by wearing your most comfortable wedge heels. They give that desired look while also making sure that your feet stay happy!

12. Style a kurta with a fabric belt

If you are wearing an empire-line anarkali or a kurta that is scrunched up at the waist, then embellish it with a quirky belt. It makes your look neater and at the same time, oh-so-stylish!
12 look stunning in indian wear

13. Wear slightly longer blouses

When you are conscious about your midriff showing a bit too much, get your tailor to increase the length of the blouse by 2-3 inches, this will automatically make the blouse look appropriate while not taking away from the look of the saree. GIFs: Tumblr