How To Part Your Hair To Perfectly Suit Your Face Shape?

How To Part Your Hair To Perfectly Suit Your Face Shape?
You know your face shape but aren’t too sure about the kind of parting that would suit you best? Changing up your part can change your your look in ways you can’t even imagine, but the wrong kind of part can accentuate the features that you don’t want to put in the spotlight. To help you out and make things easier for you, here’s a guide to finding the perfect part for your face. Girls, reach for your combs as you read...

1. If your face is round

1 part for your face - round face Image: Sonakshi Sinha on Instagram It’s better to opt for either a center parting or a deep side parting if you have a round face. Middle parting provides a slimmer look to a round face. If you are not sure about which side is the best for a deep side parting, just cover one half of the face with paper while looking in the mirror. Both the sides of your face are not symmetrical and we bet you might even have a ‘favourite’ side.

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2. If you have an oval face

2 part for your face - oval face Image: Tanya Ghavri on Instagram Luck you! An oval face is the most ideal shape for any kind of parting. You can play around with different kinds of partings and figure out what kind accentuates your certain features. We bet you’ll rock each and every kind of hair part.

3. If your face is heart shaped

3 part for your face - heart shaped face Image: Shutterstock If you have a heart shaped face, you have wider cheeks and you’d want to soften your cheek bones. Opt for a deep side part, it will give an illusion of softer cheeks. If your hair naturally parts in the middle, then with the help of a fine toothed comb, part your hair while it’s wet and blow dry. We bet you’ll love your new look!

4. If you have a diamond shaped face

4 part for your face - diamond shaped face Image: Malaika Arora on Instagram A diamond shaped face has really nice and strong features. You have a strong jawline and cheekbones. To accentuate this feature, it’s best to opt for a side parting. Also, diamond shaped faces tend to have smaller foreheads so it’s better not to have bangs otherwise your face will look even smaller. But if you do have a fringe, just grow it out and go with a side swept hairstyle. Hairstyles with wavy textures look great on this face shape.

5. If your face is square shaped

5 part for your face - square shaped face Image: Tanya Ghavri on Instagram To add softness to your square face, go with a soft side parting, preferably with bangs. Don’t make the part too deep and start above the edge of your eyebrow arch. We know you’ll look gorgeous with this new hairstyle.

6. If your face is triangle shaped

6 part for your face - triangle shaped face Image: Victoria Beckham on Instagram If you have a triangle shaped face, you must have a prominent forehead. It’s best for you to have an off-center parting. Parting your hair slightly off the center line will help in balancing your features. You can even choose to have side bangs as they will cover your forehead and make it look narrower.

7. If you have an oblong face

7 part for your face - oblong shaped face Image: Shutterstock For girls with oblong faces, it’s better to either part your hair from the middle or go ahead with bangs. You should opt between the two so that it adds the illusion of roundness. Bangs help in making your face look a tad shorter. Also, opt for a haircut with layers so that it brings out your strong cheekbones. So girls, what’s the perfect part for your shape?