13 Ways To Be… Even *More* Sexy In Bed With Him!

13 Ways To Be… Even *More* Sexy In Bed With Him!
A little confidence and innovation in bed can make your sex life a hundred times better. Here are 13 tips to be sexy in bed with your partner this year! After all, it’s the new year and you must show him a new side of yourself too, right? Get set, ladies!

1. Lace up that lingerie!

Ditch the regular lingerie and opt for something sexy instead. This will garner his attention instantly and will leave him thinking…WOW! So girls, what are you waiting for? Just buy that lacy little bra you’ve been secretly eyeing at the mall. Wear it in front of him, and watch his jaw drop! 1 more sexy in bed

2. Bring on the blindfold

It will be the best sex you’ve ever had! Take his favourite tie and use it to blindfold him. It will not only heighten his senses but make him crave your touch too. This works like a charm, ladies!

3. Time for toys

If you’re a little more experimental and have the confidence to try something new - go on and tell him that you want to try a sex toy in bed with him! If it is something you both haven’t tried, ever...this is the right way to show your kinky side to him! 3 more sexy in bed

4. Ice ice baby

Your hot body over him with some mind numbing ice… He wouldn't be expecting that! Up your sex game by keeping a champagne bottle with an ice box, and when he least expects it, start rubbing some ice on his neck.

5. Turn on the music

Yes, because music makes everything better and it will just give you that extra dose of confidence. Put on music with some really sexy song lyrics that you can whisper into his ears and make him feel extra hot! 5 more sexy in bed

6. Food play

Dark, white or milk chocolate, use the one you like the most to seduce him. If you’re shy, get it to the bedroom with some marshmallows and gradually up your game from eating to licking it off him!

7. Props party

Girls, you might have never been able to guess this, but using props in the bedrooms will work wonders to turn him on. From feathers and petals to handcuffs and chains… The bedroom is your oyster and you are its pearl! Shine on!
7 more sexy in bed

8. All about the ambience

Set the mood of the room right first. Draw the curtains, spread new sheets, light a few candles, put out his fave drink and drop him a message before he enters the room. Let the ambience make him feel that there’s something different and hot in store for him!

9. His favourite fragrance

A great smelling woman is an instantly insanely attractive! Use this to your advantage, ladies. Take a hot shower, soften your skin with your fave lotion and spritz that perfume on your pulse points. That’s it! Watch him swoon over you! 9 more sexy in bed

10. New moves

Move that booty a lil’ more, do a shimmy and try to take him by surprise with some new, unexpected moves. It could even just be dragging him out of the bedroom when it’s almost ‘the’ moment of…you know what!

11. Dirty talk

Send him a naughty text to show how eagerly you’re waiting for alone time with him. And while he’s on the way, you can instruct him to pick up condoms and even a few other props you plan to use. This will make you seem even sexier in his mind, in a minute! 11 more sexy in bed

12. Initiate things

If you’re super, super shy of being too experimental, just push yourself to make the first move! You could just whisper something sexy into his ears while you’re both watching TV or even when you’re about to call it a day!

13. Compliment him

Pull him closer, plant a kiss on his lips and tell him how hot he looks today! That’s more than enough to get the ball rolling, ladies. Trust us! Try this trick, right away! 13 more sexy in bed Featured Image: Shutterstock