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What Happened When We Were Making Out… And His Mom Came Home!

What Happened When We Were Making Out… And His Mom Came Home!

Shrey’s family owned 4-5 houses in South Mumbai. His family business was booming and most of the time, his parents used to never be home. They kept travelling for work. As for Shrey and me, we were college sweethearts. We had been dating for about 3 years and neither of us could take our minds or hands off each other.
For our 4th anniversary, Shrey invited me over to his place. He promised me that he’d cook us a romantic dinner and watch a scary movie together. Asking him if his parents would be around, he said they’re out of town and besides, this wasn’t one the flats they’d regularly visit. Boy, was he wrong... Anyway, the day finally came and I was beyond excited! I told my parents that I’d be spending the night at my bestie, Nidhi’s place. To make sure things go according to plan, I also requested Nidhi to cover up for me if my parents suddenly decided to give her a ring. As I reached his place, I was shocked to see what he had done to it! Fairy lights, fresh sangria, scented candles and an exotic variety of salad and pasta. I couldn’t believe that he cooked all these yummy dishes by himself. The night was romantic. We ate dinner, drank some fine sangria and played slow jazz music. The wine slowly started to kick in and he pulled me from my chair to dance with the music. Ten minutes later, he lifted my chin and kissed my lips softly. With his other hand, he unhooked my bra and fondled my breasts. I couldn’t stop myself either and one by one, I unbuttoned his shirt. I was kissing his chest and neck when he picked me up and took me to the bedroom.
internal making out We were undressed, making out, all sweaty and messy. Reality only pinched us when we heard someone trying to open the door. Shrey immediately sat up and asked me to put on some clothes. Just when I was about to put on my tee, we were shocked to see his mother standing at the bedroom door. She stared blankly at us, and without saying a word, went to her room and shut the door. Shrey and I were both freaked out! It was 3:45 am and none of us saw that coming. I was so embarrassed and literally didn’t know what to do at that time. Some time later, Shrey’s mom called him to her room and all I heard were arguments after arguments. I even thought of calling an Uber and quickly leaving, but my parents would freak out if they saw me come home so early in the morning. I had no option but to just sit there and wait for him to come out. After an hour and a half, I heard the door open. He told me that his mother was upset and she’d be fine when she wakes up. I asked him if I should leave because it felt really awkward. To my surprise, he held my hand and hugged me even tighter. He told me that I will be a part of his family, sooner or later and his parents will have to accept me because he loved me.
I was so touched and we both ended chatting all night about life and other things. In the morning, while I was packing my stuff, his mom came out of the room and cooked some breakfast for us. She didn’t mention anything about the incident at all and behaved like she would have, otherwise. Later that day, Shrey dropped me to my building and I must say, he really managed to calm her down and tackle the situation well. I’m really glad to have a strong man like him in my life. *Names changed to protect privacy Images: Shutterstock
Published on Jan 20, 2017
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