10 Unexpected Wedding Costs We Bet You Didn’t Budget For!

10 Unexpected Wedding Costs We Bet You Didn’t Budget For!
The least fun, but very important part of wedding planning, is setting a budget for everything. The clothes, the food, the decor, the invites…the list is endless. Sticking to that budget is the next challenge, especially with so many hidden costs that catch most of us unawares. To help you stick to your wedding budget, we have compiled a list of 10 hidden wedding costs that every bride should prepare herself for.

1. Courier charges

Your wedding invitation card and box is ready and it looks just like you wanted it to. But don’t forget the courier charges for those invites. The more your invitation box weighs, the more expensive the courier charges will be. Thus, keep in mind the cost of sending out the invites to outstation guests while choosing your design and the contents of the invite. 1 hidden wedding costs

2. Licenses

You will need an entertainment and liquor license for your functions. If you are serving alcohol and/ or calling a live singer or having a band perform at any of your functions, purchasing a license for the same is a must.

3. Alterations

Only if you are super lucky will all your wedding outfits fit you perfectly in the first trial. For others, there are going to be some minor and some major alterations required. Usually, your designer should take care of the alteration charges. Nevertheless, discuss this point with your designer to avoid any unforeseen costs. 3 hidden wedding costs (1)

4. Mehendi designs

Your mehendi artists will quote their starting price to you. Keep in mind that bridal mehendi can turn out to be quite expensive. Also, you will choose a beautiful intricate design for your mehendi, but there are different prices for different designs, and so it is essential that you discuss these points with your mehendi artists in advance.

5. Unexpected number of baraatis

You had prepared for 200 baraatis to come but it turns out that 250 have arrived! Make sure to always keep a 10% plus and minus margin with your caterer. Chances of some guests cancelling last minute and some unexpectedly landing up on the day are very high!
5 hidden wedding costs

6. Weather

This is an unexpected cost which everyone preparing for a wedding should keep in mind. No matter how many weather forecasts you have checked, there can be an unexpected weather change. Talk to your decorator about this and have a backup plan ready!

7. Power failure

It does not happen often but you want to save yourself from any last minute panic attacks. Keep a backup generator ready just in case there is a power failure during your wedding functions. You should also have a known electrician around during all the functions in case of any electrical fiascos. 7 hidden wedding costs

8. Overtime costs

The valet, the waiters, the venue staff, everyone has their overtime costs in place. Make sure to discuss your timings with your vendors to avoid any last minute confusion with bills hitting the roof.

9. Unexpected liquor costs

All your guests are going to have a great time on your cocktail and this function is one that can extend into an after party. This obviously means that the alcohol consumed during this time will be more than other days! Don’t forget to keep some spare alcohol ready for the after party because at that point of time in the night, there is no way you will be able to find a wine shop and ordering drinks from the hotel you’re at will cost you a bomb. 9 hidden wedding costs

10. ‘Chai-naashta’ anyone?

Most venues have a deadline for the time until when loud DJ music can be played there. And so, when the guards come and play spoilsport, you have no option but to offer them some ‘chai-naashta’ and convince them to let the party go on.  
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