10 Golden Rules EVERY Girl Should Know Before Oiling Her Hair!

10 Golden Rules EVERY Girl Should Know Before Oiling Her Hair!
Oiling is one of the most effective and important ways of strengthening your hair. If your scalp produces a lot of build up or is dry and your hair is brittle, there is nothing a nice champi can’t do. Give your hair some much-needed TLC but not before knowing the basic rules of a good champi. You must follow these hair oiling rules for gorgeous and lustrous tresses. Read on and say hello to dreamy locks!

Hair Oiling Tips To Get Gorgeous Hair 

1. Deciding on the number of oils

1 hair oiling rules Yes, ladies, you read it right! Who said you could only apply one kind of oil in your hair at a time? There are actually two types of oils: carrier oils (like coconut oil and olive oil) and essential oils (like jasmine and lavender). Some people prefer to use a base oil mixed with concentrated essential oils and then apply it to their roots and scalp for an extra boost. Try it, particularly if you have dry, damaged locks.

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2. Choose the right kind of hair oil

It’s extremely necessary for you to choose the right kind of carrier and base oils. Everybody has a different hair type and it’s essential for you to know what kind of oil suits you the best. Only the right kind of hair oil will help in improving the quality of your hair and make it even healthier and gorgeous. Similarly, you will have to choose which essential oil suits you the most (given, you’re using one.)

3. Prepare your hair

3 hair oiling rules Before you start oiling your hair, it’s important for you to prep your mane. One way you can prep your hair is to comb it in order to avoid tangling and messy application. It is said that oiling works better if your hair is already a bit oily, say after 1-2 days of shampooing your hair. You can try doing it and see if it suits you or not.

4. Heat the oil slightly

Make sure to heat the oil slightly, it should be warm enough to dip your fingers in it comfortably. Using a hot coconut or olive oil will keep your scalp supple and soft. Heat allows the oil to work more effectively by helping your hair and scalp absorb the oils properly as well as to boost circulation in your scalp.

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5. Section your hair into two parts

5 hair oiling rules For a smooth and easy application, it’s advisable for you to divide your hair into parts. Split your hair right down the middle of your scalp and pull it over your shoulders. This method will help make it easier to apply the oil to the shafts of your hair.

6. Treat the roots and scalp

It’s extremely important for you to massage your scalp properly. Usually, when you apply hair oils yourself, you tend to forget about the areas behind your ears and at the back of your head. Make sure to massage these areas properly in order to achieve best results.

7. Massage with the fingertips

7 hair oiling rules Never ever make the mistake of pouring the oil directly onto your scalp. This way, you won’t be able to distribute the oil equally and properly across your head. Also, never use your palm to massage the oil into your scalp or ends because it leads to breakage of hair. It’s advisable to use your fingertips and massage your scalp in a circular motion for at least 10 minutes. And please NEVER use your fingernails while massaging your scalp as they will damage your scalp and break your hair from the roots.

8. Don’t forget the length of your hair

Apart from your scalp and roots, it’s necessary to apply the hair oil down the entire length of your hair. But do not make the mistake of using a lot of oil if you have long hair, as it will lead to one oily mess, believe us! Washing it out won’t be easy and using too much shampoo just causes dryness and defeats the purpose of oiling. Instead, pour one tablespoon of oil on your hands, rub it between your palms and apply it gently to the entire length of your tresses.

9. Sleep with it

9 hair oiling rules It is best for you to apply your hair oil the night before you have to wash it. It is always better to leave in the oil at least overnight for it to work better. You can even leave it on for a longer period of time, say 24 hours, but not more than that as the oil can attract dirt and make your hair even weaker.

10. Oil regularly

Yes, ladies! If you want to see results, it’s advisable for you to oil your hair at least once a week. You can obviously oil it more than that if you like, just make sure to be regular. Skipping the oiling sessions or doing it just once in a month will not make much of a difference to your hair. Internal Images: Shutterstock