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The First Time My Crush Sent Me A *Sexy* Text!

The First Time My Crush Sent Me A *Sexy* Text!

Remember that phase when you develop a crush on someone? Those long nights when you stay up just a little bit longer to keep talking to them? Or that flutter of the heart you feel when they text you first thing in the morning! Isn’t it just amazing? That warm, fuzzy feeling is what I felt when I first started talking to Rohan. He was the cutest boy in my class and it was, honestly, like a dream come true. For me, I was definitely out of his league! But that didn’t stop me from replying every time his message popped up on my screen.
It was one of those things you shouldn’t do but you do anyway because it’s super tempting! We started talking almost every day but then one night, his message popped up on my screen and instead of feeling happy, my heart sank. ‘You know’, it read, ‘I’m a little tipsy and I would want nothing more than to kiss you on your lips right now!’ Although we had both been flirting lightly, I had no idea how to respond to this message! ‘Haha, yeah? That’s sweet of you!’, I replied, instantly regretting! ‘I might be sweet but the things I want to do to you are nowhere near!’ he promptly replied with a wink emoji. I felt like I had suddenly been put in a very tight spot. Internal my crush sent me a sext Did I want to kiss him? Yes. Did I want to start sexting? Maybe. But we weren’t even dating and I was in no mood to have a fling over texts! I immediately called up my best friend and asked her what I should do. ‘Do whatever you feel like doing!’ she said ‘You’re both single, but if you feel you don’t want to be sexting right now then just tell him that!’ How was I supposed to just tell him I wasn’t interested in sexting without ruining whatever we might have? Then suddenly something came over me, it’s almost like my alter ego took over and I replied ‘What are these things that you would like to do to me?’ adding an angel emoji for special effects.
His reply, was, of course, very detailed and specific. And despite the awkwardness I had been feeling, I found myself laughing. The half an hour long conversation actually turned out to be quite fun. I surprised myself with the kind of replies I ended up giving. Realising in that moment that I was not as emotionally attracted to him as I was physically. After the first time my crush sent me a sext, we ended up having a small time fling which ended as soon we ended up in different classrooms. Nevertheless, I am actually kind of glad that the sexting session happened, preparing me for the many that came after this one! *Wink* Images: Shutterstock
Published on Jan 22, 2017
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