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New Year, New You: 13 Fashion Habits For The 20-Something Girl!

New Year, New You: 13 Fashion Habits For The 20-Something Girl!
2016 just flew by and we hope it was a fun, eventful and extremely fashionable year for you! Have you made any new year resolutions yet? To be a better person, a better friend or a more fashionable girl? Well, here are 13 fashion habits every 20 something girl must adopt in 2017 to inspire the inner fashionista in herself! Time to change a few habits girls, because new year, new you!  

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1. Plan your outfits the night before

1 fashion habits We know it’s easier said than done but it’s good to save yourself some panic early in the morning. Whether it’s on your way back home or while you take a break from whatever you’re doing, take some time out and decide what you want to wear the next day.

2. Don’t forget to accessorize

2 fashion habits Because no outfit is complete without the right accessory! Accessories can totally make or break your look, so why not take some extra effort and accessorize well to take your outfit up by a notch? A dainty necklace, a colourful scarf or some cool midi rings are some little ways to elevate your look.

3. Invest in lingerie!

3 fashion habits Waiting till you desperately need lingerie is not the best time to go shopping for it! It doesn’t hurt to invest in a few good set of bras and undies even if you don’t immediately need them. This way you’ll have more variety to choose from and your undergarments are bound to last longer.

4. Make time to do your hair daily

4 fashion habits The way you style your hair can make a huge difference to how you look as a whole. Try different hairstyles and you’ll surely find one that is not only super easy to make but also goes well with your personal style. Here are some easy hairstyles that require no heat or products.

5. Pamper yourself by shopping

5 fashion habits This might be a little difficult to do for a college girl living on a budget, but it isn’t impossible! Save up a little from your pocket money every month and spend that amount to buy something nice for yourself. Trust us, there’s no feeling better than shopping from your own savings!

6. Shop for your body type

6 fashion habits No matter what’s the raging trend of the season, if it doesn’t suit you or you don’t feel comfortable wearing it, you might as well avoid it. Just because a certain type of dress is the in thing, doesn’t mean you have to wear it. You can’t fit in when you were meant to stand out, right?

7. Take your time to get ready

7 fashion habits We’re sure you don’t like to get dressed in a hurry every morning, right? So why not sleep a little early or skip that 10 extra minutes of lazy napping in the morning? Once you start taking out time to get dressed and leave your house daily, there’s no stopping you! It’s the best way to look and feel more put together.

8. Keep your closet organized

8 fashion habits Because finding clothes is always easier when you know what’s kept where. Start by keeping all your formal and casual wear separately. Folding your clothes and keeping them in your closet daily will save you the hassle of the monthly closet cleaning drama!

9. Follow other stylish people for daily inspiration

9 fashion habits With bloggers making it really big now, there’s not much you have to do to stay updated with trends and get a few styling tips from the pros! Following style icons on social media networks will only make dressing up and staying ahead in fashion easy and more fun for you. Who knows when a cool outfit post can inspire you to tweak your regular style and look amazing.

10. Don’t shop just because ‘last minute discounts’

10 fashion habits Just because you see there’s a ‘flat 50% off’ on your favourite website doesn’t mean you HAVE to shop! We all feel pressured to buy something when we know we can get it for so much cheaper. But guess what? You’ll mostly only end up spending on an impulsive buy which you’ll probably never wear.

11. Stay true to your personal style

11 fashion habits Whether it’s wearing sneakers with everything or your love for pyjamas, everyone has that one thing in their closet that defines them the best. If you still haven’t discovered what your personal style is like, don’t worry. Experiment with different trends and you’ll surely stumble upon your true sense of style!

12. Dress for yourself

12 fashion habits Because dressing to impress is so last season! Dress for yourself, woman. The more time you spend on dressing up daily, the better you get at it. Not just that, dressing up and keeping yourself groomed will surely make you feel good about yourself!

13. Own what you wear!

13 fashion habits DGAF what others think because it really doesn’t matter. Feeling a little experimental? Go for it. Don’t forget to put on a smile and feel confident in whatever you decide to wear. Because as long as you own what you wear, who cares what the world says! Images: Shutterstock