13 *Extraordinary* Skills EVERY Girl Is Born With!

13 *Extraordinary* Skills EVERY Girl Is Born With!
Every human is born with some natural abilities. But there are a few special skills that were given to us women only. It’s something all of us have in common and are blessed with, by the virtue of being a woman! And for using these capabilities in the best way possible, we’re no less than superwomen! Here are 13 extraordinary skills every girl is born with!

1. Thinking about what to wear, what to eat, and where to go at the SAME TIME.

Seriously, don’t we all do it?

2. Being turned on without anyone realising! *Wink*

And trust us when we say this, every guy is jealous! 2 skills every girl is born with

3. Religiously being able to follow the motto - a smile makes everything beautiful!

Because we can impress anyone with that smile, know?

4. Zoning out of conversations but still looking interested!

Not every conversation deserves that much attention, you know? 4 skills every girl is born with

5. Knowing the latest gossip about... Everything!

We have carefully selected and intricate gossip circles for a reason.

6. Walking in pencil heels, without anyone teaching you!

Yep, we can totally defy all rules of Physics while doing so. 6 skills every girl is born with

7. To achieve... Multiple orgasms!

Bring it on, we say!

8. Gently supporting our breasts while walking down the stairs…

...Without anyone noticing! 8 skills every girl is born with

9. The ability to feel happier after some retail therapy!

*Swipes card*

10. Adjusting our underwear without even touching it. *Raises eyebrow*

Shake a leg here, stretch a little there and done!
10 skills every girl is born with (1)

11. Managing to pack new outfits for every day of the vacation in just one bag!

Twist, roll, fold and dump!

12. Surviving for 60 days in a year when we’re, literally, bleeding!

That’s some great stamina, isn’t it? 12 skills every girl is born with

13. Finding the perfect sleep position to reduce cramps AND leakage!

And feel cozy sleeping like that! #BestThingEver GIFs: Giphy, Tumblr