10 Super Stylish Accessories EVERY Girl Needs To Have!

10 Super Stylish Accessories EVERY Girl Needs To Have!
Trends may come and go, but it’s a known fact that no matter what you wear, your accessories have the power to seriously elevate any look. They add the finishing touches to make an ensemble stand out and are perfect for letting your personal style shine through. Here are the must-have accessories every girl should have to add that extra something to anything you wear! Read on, all you fashionistas in the making...

1. Simple studs

1 accessories every girl should have A pair of simple studs are an everyday accessory that help you look more polished. They can be a single diamond or something girlier like a flower motif or a stone in a pretty colour - it all depends on your style! POPxo Recommends: Lorea Flower Stud Earrings (Rs 45,897)

2. Stylish Sunnies

2 accessories every girl should have Sunglasses not only add a glam factor to your look, but they’re also so important to protect your eyes from the sun. Never step out without a pair of sunnies that look trendy, but also provide enough protection so you don’t need to squint in the sun. Remember, squinting causes wrinkles and nobody wants that. Statement sunnies are a must-have accessory for the day! POPxo Recommends: John Jacobs Women’s Cat Eye Sunglasses (Rs 4,000)

3. Go-To Heels

3 accessories every girl should have Black pumps are an essential in any woman’s wardrobe to help elevate a pretty dress or even a simple pair of jeans. Whether you’re dressing for a big formal event, a fun night out with friends or even for a day at the office, these wonders will always add a fabulous element to your look. POPxo Recommends: Patent Pumps (Rs 1,799)

4. A Non-Boring Scarf

4. accessories every girl should have A fun, silk scarf with a funky print or in a bright colour is great to throw on top of anything you wear. It can bring alive a simple outfit or simply add an interesting touch to whatever you’re wearing.
POPxo Recommends: Sea Green Printed Pure Silk Satin Scarf (Rs 3,995)

5. Statement Necklace

5 accessories every girl should have For me, the most stylish outfits are put together with basics and using accessories to play up the look. That’s why every girl needs a pretty, statement necklace to make any outfit stronger, feminine and more fabulous. POPxo Recommends: Asymmetric Charcoal Necklace (Rs 1,199)

6. A Waist-Cinching Belt

6 accessories every girl should have You’ll be surprised at the effect a simple belt can have on an outfit. Whether it’s to bring some shape to a loose-fitting dress or to add an interesting element to a simple outfit, cinching your waist will also help give the illusion of an hourglass figure, which we all love! Skinny or thick, simple or embellished, choose a belt that suits you best! POPxo Recommends: Gold Snake Chain Belt (Rs 340)

7. Red Flats

7. accessories every girl should have Sure black is an obvious choice, but red flats add a pop of colour and a dash of pretty to anything you wear. Whether it’s jeans and a striped top or a feminine skirt, red flats will add more personality to your ensemble. POPxo Recommends: Red Patent Ballerina Flats (Rs 695)

8. Black Opaque Tights

8 accessories every girl should have A great pair of good-quality black tights help you look and feel better in anything that’s a little too short and also help your legs look slimmer and longer. Plus, they keep you so warm in winter!
POPxo Recommends: Black Opaque Shaping Pantyhose (Rs 876)

9. An Always-There-For-You Shrug

9. accessories every girl should have A versatile, flowy shrug is important to throw on top of an outfit to complete the look or simply to wear on top of a party dress before you reach the venue, instead of having to wear a thick jacket. A simple black one is something you can’t go wrong with, but pretty prints, fun tassels and pom-poms can make it the star of your entire outfit. POPxo Recommends: Printed Shrug With Pom-Poms (Rs 2,299)

10. An Oversized Watch

10 accessories every girl should have A classy watch in a metal of your choice is a must-have investment to save up for. A beautiful timepiece will last you forever and can dress up any outfit. POPxo Recommends: Michael Kors Rose Gold Brecken Watch (Rs 14,345) Images: Shutterstock