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If He Makes These 17 Promises To You... Don’t Let Him Go, Girl!

If He Makes These 17 Promises To You... Don’t Let Him Go, Girl!

Every successful relationship requires a certain level of love and commitment. We’ve all heard the phrase ‘promises are meant to be broken’, but it’s when we decide to keep those promises and do everything in our power to not break them, that we truly establish a relationship with someone. So if your man can make these 17 cute promises to you then, girl, he really is one in a million!
1. I promise to never judge you during the worst moments of your life. 1 cute promises 2. I promise to never play the blame game and instead, forgive and forget. 3. I promise to never mind when you eat all my fries. 3 cute promises 4. When you are talking, I promise to seriously listen and give you the advice you need. 5. Whenever we start watching a TV show together, I promise to never watch the new episode without you. 5 cute promises 6. And if, by any chance, I do, I promise to never give out any spoilers. 7. I promise I will always respect your friends and family. Even when you’re not on good terms with them. 7 cute promises 8. I promise to always try new things in bed and always be open to the things you want to try. 9. Despite the changes that we go through, I promise to be the guy that you fell in love with. 9 cute promises 10. I promise I’ll order a pizza after every fight. 11. When you’re sick I promise to always be around with a cup of soup and a warm hug. 11 cute promises 12. I promise to carry you back home and tuck you in bed after a night out. 13. I promise to do breakfast in bed, as often as we both can! 13 cute promises 14. I promise to always include you in the decisions I make. 15. I also promise to always support the decisions you make. 15 cute promises 16. I promise I will call you when I say I’m going to call you. You’re not to be taken for granted. 17. I promise that I will put in as much effort in this relationship as you do, maybe even more. 17 cute promises GIFs: Giphy
Published on Jan 8, 2017
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