11 Confusing Myths About The Vagina NO Girl Should Believe!

11 Confusing Myths About The Vagina NO Girl Should Believe!
Thanks to the lack of conversation surrounding our special region ‘down under’, most women have certain misconceptions about their vaginas. So we decided to help debunk some of the most common ones floating around the internet. Here are 11 vagina myths you need to stop believing ASAP!

Myth 1. Discharge is unhealthy

In fact, it is full of the good kind of bacteria which helps in protecting us against infections. It also works as a lubricant and cleanses the vagina. White odourless discharge is healthy and not at all harmful! 1 vagina myths

Myth 2. Sex loosens it up

The vagina is one muscle in our body which has an incredible power to stretch itself. During sex, it stretches itself and automatically shrinks back to its normal size after.

Myth 3. It looks the same throughout your life

Just like the rest of our body, the vagina too changes over the years. Pre-puberty, puberty, post-sex and pregnancy, all affect the look of your vagina. 3 vagina myths

Myth 4. It smells odd

All genitals have a light natural odour. It is true that during hormonal changes, pregnancy and after sex, the vaginal smell can be stronger. But the general misconception of it having a foul smell is incorrect.

Myth 5. Douching really works

Wrong! Douching is not recommended as it disturbs the natural balance of bacteria in the vagina, that can cause burns and irritation. 5 vagina myths

Myth 6. You need to use vaginal washers

The vagina is a self-cleansing organ. It produces its own protective substances to get rid of bacteria. Feminine hygiene products can sometimes do more harm than good by causing a disbalance in the pH levels. The safest option is to leave your vagina to clean itself!

Myth 7. Eating pineapples can make your vagina taste better

This has got to be one of the craziest things we have heard! No food can ever make your vagina taste better. Period. 7 vagina myths

Myth 8. Petite girls have tighter vaginas

Like we already mentioned, vaginas are super elastic and can stretch themselves. It does not depend on your height or your built.

Myth 9. First time sex is painful

It is a general belief that the first time a woman has sex, it pains a lot because the hymen breaks. However, chances are that the pain is actually because it is a new and unknown feeling. 9 vagina myths

Myth 10. Reduce sugar intake to prevent yeast infections

Research has proved that sugar has nothing to do with yeast infections found in and around your vagina..

Myth 11. Trimming your bush is a must

On the contrary, pubic hair is there for a reason. The hair is known to help reduce the friction during sex and protect your skin against annoying rashes! 11 vagina myths GIFs: Giphy, Tumblr