Confessions Of A Girl Who Had Rough Sex… And Liked It!

Confessions Of A Girl Who Had Rough Sex… And Liked It!
I like rough sex and I cannot lie.  A lot of girls might deny this but I am here to confess that the one thing that turns me on in bed, is some rough play. Of course, I didn't know this about myself right from the beginning but discovered this little secret about myself back in 2010. It was when I was 16 years old and studying in a boarding school and one night, with our racing hormones and rising curiosities, we girls decided to secretly watch a pornographic clip.
We tucked ourselves together in one bed under one blanket and played the first clip that google search displayed. It was a video of this young white couple sensually making out and then they both had vanilla sex. It was intriguing to see the whole process live, with all the body parts and technicalities. However, it didn't turn me on at all. Unlike my other friends who got super excited after watching the video. To me, the video lacked drama and some crazy action. I wondered that if sex was this plain and boring, it seemed as though the hype around it was overrated. However, I kept my sharp opinions to myself for the fear of coming across as an overtly sexual or horny person in front of my friends. So later that night, when my friends went to bed, I decided to explore more videos, hoping to come across something that appealed to my teen hormones. After watching several short clips I stumbled upon this video of a couple having sex which involved a lot of vigorous moves, hair pulling, domination and rough play, yet in a very sensual way. Watching that video turned me on like never before and got my hormones racing through the roof. That was the day when I discovered that rough sex was something that turned me on.
Internal rough sex In 2013, during college I started dating a friend, Anshul. To put it simply, we both were excellent friends, shared some common interests and he really knew how to kiss well. After six months of dating, we decided to go for a night out where we’d planned to do it. I was so nervous and excited at the same time. Of course, things did not go remotely as planned. Now you would wonder, what the hell happened? Did we get caught by our parents? Did Anshul not know how to… Well no! Nothing of that sort happened. Since I had never been intimate with Anshul before, I had no idea that he was exactly like the soft, sensual guy I had watched in the video with my friends. With all the foreplay, lovemaking and kissing, I wasn’t turned on at all. Confessing my rough sex fantasies to him seemed like a terrible idea, and so I decided to tell him that I wanted to take it slow and postpone having sex for some other night, as I wasn’t ready. While Anshul was very understanding when I told him, he figured that it wasn't the real reason soon enough. Just like that, I dated a couple of guys after Anshul but no one could meet my needs the way I wanted them to. It was when I turned 23 and started working that I started going around with this family friend. He was a really fun loving guy and we had a happy relationship to start with. After dating for a few weeks, we planned a weekend getaway. Well, to literally get away from our parents and get some action. Well, to be very honest, I was more apprehensive than excited, because I was also plotting my escape plan, in case Arjun turned out to be like the other guys. I was getting the feeling that if this continued, I would die a virgin.
Arjun and I entered our lovely suite at the Neemrana Fort Palace. Without any further ado, Arjun slightly pulled my hair, pushed me towards the wall and started making out with me intensely. This was so unexpected yet welcoming because I had never ever felt so turned on ever before. He then, suddenly stopped, stripped open my pink crop top, unhooked my bra and flung it across the room. He kept kissing me with all his force while tugging sharply at my nipples and rubbing me down there. I can’t even put into insanely high level of arousal. Then what? He threw me onto the bed, pulled down my lowers and without any warning, plunged into me. I was moaning so loudly throughout and felt blood crazily gushing through my brain. He continued only to suddenly stop, pull out, turn me around and take me from behind, while spanking me alongside. It was so pleasurable that I felt I couldn't breathe anymore. In a few minutes, we both finished.  Now I know for sure, Arjun is nothing like the other guys. He is the guy who knows how to take care of my needs, both emotionally and physically (ahem-ahem) and is a definite keeper.
*Names changed to protect privacy