13 Fashion Brands You Didn’t Know You Were Pronouncing Wrong!

13 Fashion Brands You Didn’t Know You Were Pronouncing Wrong!
Nothing screams fashion faux pas louder than saying the name of an ultra hip, high-end, cult fashion label wrong! Most fashion houses have tricky French or Italian names, so we don’t blame you for mispronouncing them. You could be making subtle errors without even realising that you’re saying it wrong. But don’t hide your face in embarrassment just yet, we give you a handy guide on how to pronounce these popular but tricky fashion brand names the right way. Now you really are on your way to becoming a fashion it girl!

1. Bulgari

1. fashion brand names Image: Bulgari Official on Instagram Incorrect: Buhl-gar-ee Correct: Buhl-gur-ee

2. Burberry

Incorrect: Bur-berry Correct: Bur-bur-ee (Forget about berries!)

3. Christian Louboutin

Incorrect: Christian Loo-bow-tin Correct: Christian Loo-boo-tan

4. Dolce & Gabbana

4. fashion brand names Image: Dolce & Gabbana on Instagram Incorrect: Dol-say And Gab-ana Correct: Dol-chey And Gaba-na

5. Givenchy

Incorrect: Give-ven-chee Correct: Zjhee-von-shee

6. Hermes

Incorrect: Her-meez Correct: Er-mez (Any fashion girl knows the ‘H’ is silent!)

7. Herve Leger

7. fashion brand names Image: Herve Leger on Instagram Incorrect: Her-vay Lay-ger Correct: Air-vay Lay-jah

8. Louis Vuitton

Incorrect: Loo-is Voo-ton Correct: Loo-wee Vee-tan (Yes, ‘LV’ for short but now you can pronounce it like a pro)

9. Miu Miu

Incorrect: Mee-you Mee-you Correct: Mew Mew

10. Moschino

10. fashion brand names Image: Moschino on Instagram Incorrect: Moss-chee-no Correct: Mos-key-no

11. Proenza Schouler

Incorrect: Pro-en-za Schoo-ler
Correct: Pro-en-zuh Skool-er

12. Versace

Incorrect: Ver-sah-shay Correct: Ver-sah-chee

13. Yves Saint Laurent

13. fashion brand names Image: YSL on Instagram Incorrect: Eves Sahnt Loor-ant Correct: Eve San Lau-ron (Admit it, you’ve always struggled with this one!)