11 Things You’ll ONLY Understand If You Grew Up With A Sibling!

11 Things You’ll ONLY Understand If You Grew Up With A Sibling!
No matter how obnoxious your sibling may be, admit it girls, they always have your back! From keeping our secrets to having a shoulder to cry on, our siblings are that one gift we didn’t ask for, but absolutely adore! Nothing would have been the same in our life if it wasn’t for them. Here are 11 amazing memories you’ll totally relate to, if you have a sibling!

1. That whole year you believed that your parents loved you ‘less’

If you haven’t heard this from your sibling once, do you even have a sibling? Growing up, there was an unsaid competition about who is the favourite one in the house. Remember that in K3G when Shah Rukh Khan tells Ladoo, “Mom mujhe tujhse zyada pyaar karti hai”? Yup, that’s the story in every home!

2. When the heated fights turn into warm love in seconds

No matter how many times you disown each other during a fight, you know that they are always there for you. Even though they might get on your nerves at times, you realize that the warmth of the bond between siblings is irreplaceable. This heart-melting video by Parachute called #FeelTheWarmth perfectly captures the special bond between siblings.
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3. “Give me the remote control!”

Without a doubt, we bet that every girl has gone through this phase with her sibling. When he wants to watch that cricket match, but your fave chick-flick is coming on TV! This is when the third world war begins. And it doesn’t end till your mother chucks you both out of the room.

4. When you nearly ran away

That time the bitterness ran so high that you couldn’t wait to get away from it all. You wondered about how amazing it would be if you were the only kid in the house...You could have your own room! Sounds familiar, right? childhood memories with siblings 4

5. Secretly eating your favourite meal in the kitchen

Do you know that feeling of sharing those yummy samosas with your sibling? Nope! Neither do we. When you knew there was something delicious in the kitchen, you’d sneak in, quietly open the fridge and finish it before anyone knew. Sneaky little darling since...forever!

6. Partners in crime!

Your parents went away for the weekend and left you with your sibling? So you two order in the cheesiest pizza, park yourself in front the TV and make a mess without worrying. You never feel alone because you have their awesome company! childhood memories with siblings

7. “I’m SO going to tell mom!”

We all have accidently (or not) hit our siblings. In our defence, they hit us twice as hard! The tough part is that you now need to use every possible way to get them not to tell on you. This is when your patience got seriously tested.

8. Taking advantage of being the younger one

Younger siblings can get away with murder. Last slice of pizza? ‘Beta, usko khane do - woh chotta hai na!’. Even if you’re the younger one who got away with all the perks, you have to admit it’s a bit unfair! Childhood memories with siblings 3

9. That time you had your personal bodyguard against the school bully

Aww! This is when you want to run right to them and tell them how much they mean to you.

10. “Do this for me or I’ll tell mom you did that..”

When your sibling caught you doing something SO bad that you have to do what they say, for a long, long time. Having a sibling means that you’ve mastered the art of threatening each other. Oh! As well as bribing. Childhood memories with siblings 2

11. You two against the world (aka your parents)

You two may squabble over everything but when your parents get involved, you know which side you’re on! Even if you don’t really agree with your sibling, the unwritten rule says you have to keep your opinion to yourself. No exceptions allowed. *This is a sponsored post for Parachute