11 *Stunning* Blouse Designs To Show Off Your Sexy Back In!

11 *Stunning* Blouse Designs To Show Off Your Sexy Back In!
Want a blouse back design that stands out and looks different, sexy and unique? Well, you’re in the right place because we have all the inspiration you need! Here are 11 blouse back designs that you can show your tailor and stand out!

1. Beige Flowers

1 blouse back designs Image: Pull Chowk on Instagram Get a beautiful blouse with a cutout in the centre. This one’s a unique way to get the same backless feel on your blouse! The embroidered designs are something you can match with your saree border and look absolutely stunning!

2. Off Shoulder + Cut Out!

2 blouse back designs Image: Shyamal Bhumika on Instagram Love the off-shoulder trend too much and can’t resist wearing it? Get a blouse in a sequined cloth stitched such as this one to look your best. Pair it with lehengas, sarees or even a transparent cape if you’re too shy to wear it just like that.

3. Tassel Love

3 blouse back designs Image: Anita Dongre on Instagram What’s more sexy than a backless-barely-there back with minimal doris dangling on your back? We guess nothing! If you’re the experimental sorts, try wearing shoulder-grazing earrings with this style to look stunning!

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4. Almond Cut!

4 blouse back designs Image: Anita Dongre on Instagram A simple cutout blouse with a twist! This almond shaped cut-out back is unique, not too revealing and looks really stunning. Add some tassels and latkans to it and be rest-assured to look haute!

5. Button Back

5 blouse back designs Image: Sabyasachi Official on Instagram If you’re not too comfortable baring your back, this is the time to break them rules and get a blouse that’s buttoned on the back. You can get contrasting coloured buttons and experiment with the sleeves as well as sheer fabrics!

6. Cape Sleeves + An Open Back

6 blouse back designs Image: Arpita Mehta on Instagram How cute is this blouse with bell sleeves and a strappy back? It’s such a young, fresh design that it will go with your regular ethnic skirts and will add a touch of dreamy wonder to your simple sarees!

7. Nothin’ At All

7 blouse back designs Image: Manish Malhotra on Instagram Why do anything when just a little net can give you a clean, finished backless look! This really clever trend has taken off a lot in Indian wear recently and we’re totally diggin it. Brave enough to try it on, girls?

8. Horseshoe Style

8 blouse back designs Image: Payal Singhal on Instagram A horseshoe design is something unexpected, not very OTT and looks really elegant. It’s a fairly simple design to get stitched and will look great even on a simple blouse.

9. Some Peplum Love

9 blouse back designs Image: Pernia Qureshi on Instagram You can experiment with the style of your blouse while looking out for an interesting back. Try a peplum blouse with a sheer, transparent lining in the centre. You can also embellish with light shimmer or really fine embroidery to make your back stand out!

10. Pom Pom Galore!

10 blouse back designs Image: Gaurang Shah on Instagram Because what’s a blouse without some quirk, right? Keep a backless blouse but cover it up with loads, we mean it, loads of pompoms and tassels. Match the pom poms with the borders in your saree or go all out and make them pop!

11. Racerback Hotness!

11 blouse back designs Image: Arpita Mehta on Instagram This uber hot racerback blouse is for every girl who wants to keep it casual yet dressy without revealing too much. Adding embellishments will really add to the edgy effect of this uber cool design. We suggest you pair this with a plain coloured saree and a pair of sneakers!