15 Things That Turn Guys Off (Girls, You Have No Idea!)

15 Things That Turn Guys Off (Girls, You Have No Idea!)
Ladies, your man loves you but he might not love everything about you. Yup, it’s true. There are a few things that are major turn offs for guys and you might just be doing them accidentally! Here are 15 of them to save you in times of need!

1. Trying to make him jealous

It really doesn’t work, girls. If he is jealous of something then he’d be jealous even when you don’t try to make that thing obvious. Men hate it when you put effort into making them feel jealous.

2. Cribbing all the time

He wants to hear why you’re sad but if you crib about the same thing all the time, he will lose interest in it. There is just a certain amount of advice he can give and then he just needs you to handle your own problems. Which you can because you’re the boss!
2 turn offs for guys

3. Acting dumb

Contrary to age-old beliefs, men are actually more attracted to intelligence than confused, helpless women. So if you think acting naive and confused will make him like you then you need to think again!

4. Playing super hard to get

He might like the chase. But he won’t keep chasing you forever. Learn when it’s time to stop playing hard to get and just do what both of you want to do. The man doesn’t need to be the only one making all the effort, right? 4 turn offs for guys

5. Giving him ultimatums

There are many subtle ways to ask him to do what you would like him to do. You don’t always need to create a do-or-die situation for him. After all, he is only human too!

6. Being late

Manage your time if you’re going on a date with him instead of making him wait for two hours every time. There is absolutely nothing romantic about it, you’re just wasting someone's precious time! 6 turn offs for guys

7. Always being shy in bed

Why be shy when you can be a Goddess instead? Take control and surprise him on occasion, ladies! Lead him into the room, initiate things - he will love it!

8. Hating his favourite sport

Okay, you hating his favorite sport is like him hating your favourite book/ movie/ tv show. And that’s heartbreaking, right? Don’t ask him to make you his only interest, let him fly! 8 turn offs for guys

9. Wearing too much makeup

He wants to see the real you, not the you with a few layers on. Especially when it's just him! He wants to see the tiny imperfections that make you who you are. So shed the layers, ladies!

10. Telling your friends everything about your relationship

Yes, our friendships are sacred but honestly, men find it annoying when we tell all the deets to our girlfriends. So maybe it’s time to keep a few things just between the two of you! 10 turn offs for guys

11. Being overly dependent

Though he loves being there for you when you need him, he will like it more when you don’t depend on him all the time. It’s important for your relationship that both of you know how to care for yourselves individually. It will only make your relationship stronger!

12. Giving mixed signals

Men get extremely confused when women turn hot and cold, all of a sudden, for no reason at all. He won’t understand where you’re coming from and would, in fact, freak out about it instead! It’s always better to be direct when it comes to matters of the heart.
12 turn offs for guys

13. Invading their privacy

Trust us, if he feels like opening up to you, he will. You won’t go far questioning about his personal life when he doesn’t feel comfortable enough to share it with you. Give him time to put his faith in you.

14. Being unnecessarily high maintenance

He loves to please you and pamper you but not when it is just an unnecessary act. He wants to keep it simple and easy because no guy really wants to handle the complexity and drama that comes with an extremely high maintenance girlfriend! 14 turn offs for guys

15. Talking about other men

How would you feel if your man kept talking about other women? Not that great, right? That’s pretty much how he feels when you keep talking about other guys. So if you do it often, consciously or unconsciously, it’s time to give it a break! GIFs: Giphy, Tumblr