10 Super Cute Wedding Moments That’ll Put A Smile On Your Face!

10 Super Cute Wedding Moments That’ll Put A Smile On Your Face!
Weddings are all about making a million memories with your loved ones. And hopefully having them all captured so you can look back at them for the years to come. So for all the lovely brides-to-be, their families and besties - here’s something to put a smile on your face. Check out the cutest wedding moments that we spotted at shaadis recently. They are so adorable!

1. Bowing down to the queen

1 wedding moments Image: Gautam Khullar Photography Aww… Now this is how every bride would love to get clicked! And thumbs up to the groom for being such a sport.  

2. Twinning in style

2 wedding moments Image: Cupcake Productions Just look at the mother-daughter duo giving us some major dressing up goals. Isn’t this picture oh-so-adorable?!

3. The nose bump!

3 wedding moments Image: Morvi Images Such cuties, these two! Don’t forget to pose exactly like this on your mehendi ceremony.

4. Those funny faces

4 wedding moments Image: Fotowalle To see the bride and besties sticking their tongues out and making funny faces has got to be a picture to cherish.

5. Doggy love

5 wedding moments Image: WeddingNama So he went down on one knee with all her adorable doggies standing right beside her. And it sure is the cutest thing we’ve seen in a long, long time.  

6. I ‘heart’ you

6 wedding moments Image: Fotowalle Did you just let out an extended ‘Awwww’? Yeah, we had the same reaction!

7. The blushing bride

7 wedding moments Image: Navdeep Soni Photography How often do you see the groom scoop the bride up in his arms? And just look at her blush! A picture to cherish forever.

8. Mummy & daddy

8 wedding moments Image: Fotowalle It’s not every day that a bride enters hand in hand with her mom and dad. And when she does, it makes for the cutest picture ever!

9. Flying kisses

9 wedding moments Image: Rahul de Cunha Pictures Two sisters… Wearing the exact same gowns and blowing kisses to the camera. Now wouldn’t you want to get a pic clicked just like this one?!

10. Bring on the swag

10 wedding moments Image: Gautam Khullar Photography Bride and bestie pictures should be like this! So cool and so fun. Bring out the sunnies and start posing! Featured Image: Morvi Images