12 Things Every Girl *Must* Do With Her Besties This Year!!

12 Things Every Girl *Must* Do With Her Besties This Year!!
Your bestie = your soulmate. She has been the one person who has always been by your side. You both share a beautiful bond and there are no words to describe how much you both mean to each other. Hard times come and go, but the one thing that is constant is her. If you have found your bestie, we have a few things you both need to have in your best friend bucket list to make some beautiful memories together.

1. Take a road trip

Pack your bags and jet set go! 1 best friend bucket list

2. Get tattoos together

Get a memory of both of yours tattooed on each other. This will be another one that you both will be creating and will remember it each time you look at that tattoo.

3. Experiment with a new look together

Want to get your hair chopped? Want to try a new hair colour? Who else to have by your side other than your bestie when you are experimenting with a new look? And what’s better than both of you trying it together?! 3 best friend bucket list

4. Read the same book

Buy 2 copies of your favourite book and start reading them together. Share your thoughts and views on the book with each other.

5. Sing along!

Forget how you sound when you sing! Just let yourself loose and sing your favourite songs together, and sing them out LOUD! 5 best friend bucket list

6. Holiday with each other’s families

You both might not have a blood relationship but you both are so close that you feel like she is your sister. Plan a holiday with each other’s families and have a crazy time with everyone.

7. Work out together

What fun it would be to have your bestie with you at the gym?! You not only have your favourite person to check out that cute guy with at the gym, but also someone to motivate you all along!
7 best friend bucket list

8. Do something adventurous

Skydiving, parasailing or bungee jumping. Take your pick!

9. Write a letter to each other

Pen down your thoughts about each other and promise to open it after 10 years! You both will surely have tears of joy trickling down your cheeks. 9 best friend bucket list

10. Best friend dates

Who needs a boy when you have your bestie to have a fun day out with for a lunch at that fancy restaurant you’ve been wanting to try out?

11. Be each other’s Maid of Honour

Be right beside each other when one walks down the aisle. Give the most touching speech at each other’s weddings. 11 best friend bucket list

12. Make sure your kids also know each other

Isn’t this the ultimate bestie goal - that each of your children also get along like a house on fire. And who knows, they could become besties too! GIFs: Tumblr