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10 Beauty Tips To Look So *Hot* In Bed!

10 Beauty Tips To Look So *Hot* In Bed!

Got a special night planned? We’re sure you have the sexy lingerie all ready, but what else can you do to make him go WOW? We round up the 10 beauty tricks that are sure to make you look even more attractive and drive him wild in bed! Follow these 10 beauty tips to make it a night to remember...

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1. Smooth skin is irresistible

Trust us, ladies, there’s no way he’ll be able to resist your soft and smooth skin. We suggest you go for the whole waxing-bathing-moisturizing routine to get the smooth skin of his dreams. Don’t forget to use a coffee scrub to make it look more polished as well as to fight cellulite.

2. Make your body glow

2 beauty tips Do you know just how easy it is to get a subtle glow on your whole body? Just put a dollop of coconut oil in your bath water and soak in it for 15 minutes. You’ll step out with a subtle, sexy sheen on your whole body! Don’t have a bathtub? No problem, just slather on some baby oil at the end of your shower, rinse it off slightly and step out with glowing skin ALL over!

3. Let your legs do the talking

Never underestimate the power of sexy legs. You’re going to be wow-ing him in your sexiest lingerie, so why ignore your best asset - your legs! We say you treat them to some extra TLC. After you step out of your bath, use the Sally Hansen Airbrush Legs to give them a sexy sunkissed glow and cover up any imperfections. Don’t forget to give yourself a nude pedicure - it really makes your legs look longer and more polished!

4. Groom your bikini area

4 beauty tips It’s all about being confident about your body, and a lot of women agree that a well-groomed bikini area increases their confidence in bed. Whether you’re waxing, shaving or simply trimming, make sure you do it at least one day before you plan to make his jaw drop in bed. And then watch how your confidence turns him on even more!

5. Fabulous hair is half the battle won

Wear your hair down for a more relaxed and easy look - something that most men prefer. The way your hair looks can make or break how you look, so don’t let anything stand in the way of your glossy tresses! Wash your hair a day in advance and don’t forget to use shining serum to smoothen and tame it.

6. Soft, kissable lips in a jiffy

6 beauty tips You know how big of a turn off chapped and dry lips can be. Make sure that you exfoliate your lips a couple of times a week and apply a moisturizing lip balm every day to get soft lips. Kiss him all over to really drive him wild!

7. Red lips he won’t resist

Ever noticed how all seductresses in movies tend to sport red lips? It’s not a coincidence, ladies. Men love a good red lipstick, so when you’re planning to wow him, don’t forget to apply a coat of your favourite red! We promise he’ll be jumping to mess it up. *Wink*

8. Some cleavage contouring?

8 beauty tips The sight of your cleavage is sure to drive him crazy, so why not enhance it a bit more? Trace a little bit of bronzer on the inside of your boobs to enhance your cleavage. Then, dust some shimmer on the top of your décolletage. These two simple tricks are going to make your twins look that much more attractive!

9. Blush pink

It’s a truth universally acknowledged that men love a healthy glow on women. So what we’re saying is, don’t forget to dust on some pink blush for that flushed and sexy look!

10. Smell sweet

10 beauty tips Last but never ever the least! Remember that your scent plays a huge, HUGE role in how attractive you are to men. We say you apply just a little bit of your favourite floral scent (don’t overdo it) on your pulse points to make you even more irresistible to him! Images: Shutterstock
Published on Jan 16, 2017
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