The ONLY Beauty Checklist You Need A *Week* Before The Wedding!

The ONLY Beauty Checklist You Need A *Week* Before The Wedding!
With just one week to go for your big day, you have tonnes to do and so many lists with so many wedding tasks to check off. But here is a simple 10-point list that will help you ace the beauty aspect of your wedding without any stress. With these beauty tips for your wedding week, know that you’re all prepped for your wedding - well, beauty-wise at least!

1. Waxed yet?

Now is the time to get that full body wax. One week is just enough time for your skin to recover from any redness or irritation that may occur due to waxing and yet short enough that you don’t see any regrowth.

2. Shape your eyebrows

2 beauty tips for your wedding week Get your eyebrows done a week before and pluck away any extras with a tweezer the day before. This way you have a sharp and neat look for your wedding but are still prepared and have enough time at hand in case you need a Plan B a.k.a filling in your brows differently to cover up any mishaps.

3. Indulge in a body massage

Get a full body massage and your body will thank you for it. You’re probably already tired from all the wedding shopping and preparations, so give yourself an hour to completely unwind and recharge. Body massages stimulate blood flow and improve lymphatic drainage which leads to a bright and healthy-looking skin. A good oil massage can give you a sheen than no shimmery highlighter can match up to!

4. Stimulate your skin with a facial

4 beauty tips for your wedding week Now is the perfect time for a facial as it is close enough to the wedding for the results to still show and yet far enough that you can deal with any reactions that may occur. Opt for a tried and tested facial with your regular facialist. Now is not the time to experiment, so keep it simple. Stick to a simple facial with tried and tested ingredients, so that you’re doubly sure that no harm will be done to your skin in this process. An oxygen-infusing facial is an excellent choice as it combats the effects of pollution, giving you a glow or you could opt for an exfoliating facial to even out your skin and make it the perfect base for your bridal makeup.

5. Tighten up with a wrap

Wraps are all the rage now and with good reason! They help tighten loose skin and improve lymphatic drainage making them one of the best accompaniments to a full body massage. Choose from a variety of wraps concocted from a plethora of natural ingredients like caffeine, green tea, seaweed and algae, among others. They won’t make you instantly and permanently slimmer but they sure do tighten those jiggly bits and help you look awesome in your lehenga!

6. Nail it!

6 beauty tips for your wedding week We mustn’t forget our nails on our special day as they will be more photographed than usual. They will show up umpteen times in your mehndi pictures so be sure to go in for a mani-pedi session a week before the shaadi. Opt for a classic French to go with everything or a traditional red or pink if it matches your outfit. Pick your colours keeping in mind the mehndi you’ll be wearing and make sure it complements it. Gel manicures are an excellent option as they last way longer. Indulge and don’t worry too much about damaging your nails as once wouldn’t do your nails too much harm!

7. Stick to your tried and tested beauty products

Stick to your skincare regime and makeup products that have always suited you. DO NOT experiment close to your wedding. All of that can wait till your honeymoon or even after! There is a reason something has worked for you for a while so don't go around trying new products in the week leading up to the shaadi. If you don’t normally use natural/ ayurvedic/ organic/ aromatic products, you may want to skip them for now, as they have active ingredients which may react with your skin.

8. Show your tresses some love

8 beauty tips for your wedding week Don’t forget to pamper your hair - it needs some TLC as well, especially since it is going to be subject to gruelling styling and a bunch of products during the wedding celebrations. Get a good hair spa or a good old hot oil massage followed by a steam to give your hair that boost of shine and that little extra oomph!

9. A sleep mask a night

Starting a week before D-day, use a sheet mask or a sleep mask before you hit the sack. They can work wonders by infusing your skin with the necessary moisture and prepping it for your bridal makeup. What’s better is that they help undo the effects of too much partying and work wonderfully to combat dark circles. If you’re feeling lazy, just use gel eye patches instead, to instantly freshen up your eyes.

10. Skip heavy makeup in the pre-wedding week

10 beauty tips for your wedding week Your bridal makeup is going to have sufficient amounts of products so why overload your skin when it doesn’t need it? Skip the heavy foundations and heavy lipsticks when you can, before your wedding, to allow your skin to breathe! Internal Images: Shutterstock