10 Beauty Dos & Don’ts For The Week Before Your Wedding!

10 Beauty Dos & Don’ts For The Week Before Your Wedding!
Your big day is right around the corner and it’s time to take a quick look at all those things you ought to keep in mind beauty-wise. You’ve probably taken enough beauty and health measures to look and feel your best for this special day. Here is a list of quick beauty dos and don’ts for the week before the shaadi!

1. Do get a massage

Massages stimulate blood flow and improve lymphatic drainage. They are a wonderful way to sneak in an hour of relaxation amidst your hectic schedule a week before the wedding. 1 beauty dos and donts

2. Don’t skimp on sleep

Sure, it pretty hectic right now, but don’t be tempted to stay up too late. You need your beauty sleep so you can look well rested and bright on your big day. Plus with enough sleep, you’ll not need to rely too much on a concealer for your dark circles.

3. Do hydrate

It is so important from a health and a beauty perspective. Avoid caffeinated drinks and make sure you drink a lot of water. Switch up the taste by adding anything from lemons to cucumbers to berries to your water bottle. It will taste better and you’ll be able to drink way more of it. 3 beauty dos and donts

4. Do exfoliate

Your face and your body. Make sure you use a gentle scrub, preferably one containing oils for your body. You’ll end up with smooth, supple skin with a sheen of moisture. Either pick a scrub from a store or make your own using coffee, oils and sugar. Use a chemical exfoliant for your face to slough off the dead cells without any actual abrasion.

5. Do get some exercise

Stretch a little or go for a jog or get some yoga time, whatever works for you. It will give you a moment to unwind and get your blood pumping which will give you a natural flush which no blush can match up to.
5 beauty dos and donts

6. Don’t experiment with beauty products

Stick to what works for you and don’t experiment so close to the wedding day. You don’t want to take any chances and end up with a reaction just before the celebrations.

7. Don’t heat style your hair

You’ll style your hair during the functions anyway, so give your tresses a break and let them breathe. Don’t use any hair styling products or heat. Stick to simple hairstyles like a bun or a loose braid for an effortlessly chic pre-bridal look. 7 beauty dos and donts

8. Do get a hair spa

Hair spas works wonders in restoring the natural shine and bounce in your hair. It is also an excellent idea right before your wedding because it will help prep the hair for the heat styling during the wedding functions.

9. Do get a body wrap

They help tighten your skin and temporarily shed a few inches. A couple of wraps before your wedding and it will enhance the results of your workouts and make your look super taut. 9 beauty dos and donts

10. Do get a facial

Now is the time to get an oxygen-boosting facial. It helps infuse your skin with moisture and rids it of the effects of pollution and makeup. It will clean out your pores and work wonders to give you a natural glow.