Why ‘Back Mehendi’ Is The New Trend EVERY Bride Must Try!

Why ‘Back Mehendi’ Is The New Trend EVERY Bride Must Try!
Yes, you read that right! Considering how much women are in love with henna, it’s no surprise that we have a brand new trend in town called back mehendi. Mehendi ceremonies have come a long way from being intimate ghar ka functions to an all-out affair that sometimes looks and feels almost like the wedding itself. And now, adding some more spark to this event is the back mehendi. Read on for more!

What is it?

As the name suggests, it’s all about applying henna on your back and trust us, it looks super sexy. If you’re a bride who loves mehendi then you should totally try it out. You could go in for a small and intricate design on the nape of your neck or something more elaborate on the back or waist. Do make sure that it doesn’t interfere with your outfit, though. Or you could simply get it done a day before.

Can my besties get it too?

1 back mehendi We’ve always talked about the bridesmaids coordinating outfits but what if they got matching henna designs too, and that too on the back! The besties can get a design on their upper back in case they’re all wearing deep back blouses or how about henna on the lower backs in case they’re wearing outfits that reveal the tummy. Just imagine how amazing the pictures would look!

How do I match it with my outfit?

The important point is that your back henna should not make your overall look, look cluttered. Get it done only if you’re either wearing a deep back or a backless outfit. If you plan to get it on the waist, do keep in mind that there should be enough space between the blouse and skirt to make the design stand out.

Any tips for choosing the design?

Here too, your outfit plays a major part. If your outfit has heavy embroidery at the back or large prints, it is better to keep your design clean and minimalistic. On the other hand, an intricate and detailed design might be a good idea to lift up your look in case of a light and simpler outfit.

Any other things to keep in mind?

2 back mehendi Yup, as a bride-to-be you’ll anyhow be getting extensive mehendi done on your hands and feet. So, if back mehendi is something you really want, we’d suggest you get it done in advance. Your hairstyle may interfere with smooth application and you also run the risk of spoiling your outfit.

And are there any special artists for back henna?

Nope! Your regular mehendi walas will be able to do this for you but since it may be a fairly new concept for them, it’s better you discuss this with them in advance. Show them pictures and finalize a design so they too are clear about how you really want it to be. Okay, good luck girl! Images: Shutterstock