11 Confusing Fashion Questions We’ve ALL Had... Answered!

11 Confusing Fashion Questions We’ve ALL Had... Answered!
We love playing dress up and experimenting with trends. After all, the world is our runway and we’re our own fashion stylists. But sometimes we have a few doubts we really don’t know who to ask. From ‘what is too casual for an informal workplace’ to ‘can I wear the same colour from head to toe’, here are ALL your fashion questions… answered!

1. What counts as ‘too casual’ for an informal workplace?

Clothing for a casual workplace can be rather tricky. Such organisations expect their employees to be comfortable in what they wear but at the same time a certain level of professionalism is expected in their dressing. Things you’d wear to a dance club or for a beach vacation are not suitable to wear to work. A strappy top with hot pants and flip flops for instance, is definitely too casual even for an informal workplace! Anything revealing is also inappropriate for the office, no matter how chilled out they may be.

2. Can I wear the same colour from head to toe?

2 fashion questions answered Of course! In fact, monochrome jumpsuits and co-ords are SO hot at the moment. Avoid wearing accessories in the same colour and choose contrast coloured accessories to go with your outfit. You can also wear co-ords that show your midriff because that’ll help in breaking the monotony of colours!

3. White bra under white tops?

White underwear is never a good idea under transparent white tops or dresses. White stands out underneath white clothes and hence, it’s always better and safer to go with nude lingerie under a white outfit.

4. Do I HAVE to wear heels for a formal party?

4 fashion questions answered Heels surely do make your outfit look dressier. But you can wear quirky sneakers, embellished flats and oxfords to elevate your look. There is no hard and fast rule that you have to wear heels for a formal function.

5. Can I wear a statement necklace AND earrings with it?

Statement necklaces are called so for a reason. Wearing a statement necklace along with earrings might look a little OTT. But if you really want to wear earrings, go for simple studs and steer clear from dangling ones.

6. Is open footwear synonymous with informal dressing?

6 fashion questions answered Absolutely not! Look for open sandals that come with pretty embellishments or metallic ones that add a blingy touch to your outfit. Flip flops are sure to make you look like you just walked out of bed so leave those aside for a dressy event, please.

7. Is it okay to NOT wear a spaghetti top under a transparent top?

NO. Unless you want to show your bra to the whole world, not wearing a spaghetti under a transparent top is not even a question! For plain transparent tops, go for nude coloured camisoles. For tops that are colourful and printed, a colour coordinated spaghetti is a good alternative.

8. How can I wear my old clothes without looking outdated?

8 fashion questions answered Mix and match baby! Fashion takes a full circle and that only brings good news for you. There’s always scope to use your old clothes as they’ll always keep coming back in fashion. Mix and match your old clothes with new ones or layer them up to create a different look every. single. time.

9. How can I wear loose-fitting clothes without looking like a sack?

Balancing your look is key. You can’t wear ill-fitting clothes from head to toe and still expect to look any less than a sack. Pair one loose item with a well fitted one for a balanced silhouette. An oversized sweater with jeggings or a well fitted top with palazzo pants is a good way to rock the ill fitted clothes in your wardrobe.

10. What’s the difference between Oxfords, Brogues & Loafers?

10 fashion questions answered Oxfords are leather shoes or boots that are characterised by closed lacing or lacing under the shoe vamp. Brogues look similar to oxfords but come with decorative perforations on the toe cap called ‘brogueing’ and a very low heel. Loafers on the other hand are closed shoes but without lacing and look more like moccasins. They are also called slip-in shoes.

11. What kind of a purse looks best with Indian wear?

What bag is best to carry entirely depends on the outfit you’re wearing. However, potlis and embellished clutches go with almost all traditional outfits like sarees, lehengas or a basic kurta. But if you don’t mind being a little experimental with style, a basic tan tote bag is the most comfortable bag you can pair with your casual, daily Indian wear. It’s also super comfortable to carry around and fits in all your essentials! Internal Images: Shutterstock