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Having An Arranged Marriage? 12 Tips To Stay Loved Up & Happy!

Having An Arranged Marriage? 12 Tips To Stay Loved Up & Happy!
Who said arranged marriages are boring? It’s on you to spice it up a bit with your charm and grace. We’ve got a bit of friendly advice to make things interesting in your setup! Here are some of the most helpful and amazing tips for the bride to be who has decided to tie the knot with someone she met in the arranged marriage scenario.

1. Don’t try to change him

Don’t stress on wanting to change him, even if it is for the better. Nothing good will come of it and you will run out of steam. Give it time. You both will take time to really get to know each other and you’ll become much easier with one another over time.

2. Give your relationship some time

Learn to value it. Appreciate the nuances of it. It may take time, so have faith, ladies. 2 tips for the bride to be

3. Learn to be grateful for him

Don’t be overly critical of how you just met this guy and are tying the knot already. Instead, be nice and value him for who he is, and he will do the same.

4. Have some fun together

Every day! Before or after marriage, take time to spend some moments alone with him since you’ve probably not known him long enough. You have to bond and get closer to each other, right?

5. Think from his perspective too

Sometimes, the boat will hit a storm and you may not like the way he responds to something or fights with you over something that you deem petty. Breathe. Take a step back and think why he did or said what he did. It may still be wrong but don’t react too harshly. All relationships go through this phase, and patience is the key. 5 tips for the bride to be

6. Compliment him often

Not with the expectation of him returning the compliment, but just tell him how hot he looks in that new shirt he put on. This is a great way to add that spark to a relationship that just started.

7. Date your mate

So what if it’s an arranged marriage – you must go on dates with him and keep things fun and awesome. Besides, this will help strengthen the bond.

8. Respect each other

While this is true of all relationships, in a marriage, it holds a lot of importance. As you get to know him better, learn to respect each other, come what may. 8 tips for the bride to be

9. Show that you care

Those who have been in long-term relationships before they get married, tend to find enough opportunities for sweet gestures to show that they love and care for each other. You should put in an extra effort to let him know you that he matters, is special for you and that you really do care about him. He’ll fall in love with you faster, ladies. *Wink*

10. Trust and faith

Make sure you trust him and have faith in your love and the man who you chose to get married to. The relationship will strengthen and be cemented thanks to these all-important factors.

11. Look into his eyes

Once a day, for sure. Look deep into his eyes and watch the love grow. It may not happen instantly but you’ve gotta give love some time.
11 tips for the bride to be

12. Stay sexy

One amazing piece of advice is that in a marriage - arranged or love - you’ve got to be sexy and spice things up. It’ll not only make you feel good about yourself, but will also make him fall for you over and over again! GIFs: Giphy,Tumblr