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15 *Adorable* Little Vows To Make To Him On Your Anniversary!

15 *Adorable* Little Vows To Make To Him On Your Anniversary!

Did you just complete another year with your boyfriend? Congratulations, girl! Yayyy! We are sure you already have big (or not so big!) plans to celebrate this day with your special someone, but just to make it all the more memorable, here are a few anniversary vows to make to him. 1. I vow to always be my crazy, slightly goofy self, despite having to give in to becoming adults and dealing with all the curveballs that life throws at us! 1 anniversary vows 2. I vow to always stand by your side, even when you are losing...and cheer you on from the sidelines till the finish line. 3. If and when we get married, I vow to not make you sleep outside the house even when we have a huge fight. P.S.: You can sleep in the bathtub.
3 anniversary vows 4. I vow to be your friend, confidant, wing-woman, girlfriend… But most of all I promise to be myself. No pretentions, no smokescreens. 5. I vow to patiently hear all your rants and rant with you about whoever that is, even if it isn’t the most rational thing to do. 5 anniversary vows 6. I vow to take you on romantic candlelit dinners when you least expect it. 7. I vow to be your partner in crime in all the pranks you pull on other people. (Just not my bestie… Okay?) 7 anniversary vows 8. I vow to make you coffee and treat you to pizza when you have had a bad day or are in a bad mood. 9. I vow to give you your space, as and when you need it. 9 anniversary vows 10. I vow to never deliberately try to make you feel insecure or jealous. You are the only one who makes my heart skip a beat and I would very much love for you to remember that… Always. 11. I vow to not judge you for having off days, when you feel weak and defeated. I will make it better with my slightly whacky antics, a truckload of PJs and lots of good food. 11 anniversary vows 12. I vow to never switch off my phone in the middle of a fight. 13. I vow to be more adventurous…in bed and otherwise! *Wink* 13 anniversary vows 14. I vow to respect your opinion on things, even if I don't particularly agree with them. 15. I vow to love you for who you are, all quirks accepted. You are the love of my life and I would rather live through a nightmare with you than a fairytale with someone else. 15 anniversary vows GIFs: Giphy, Tumblr
Published on Jan 11, 2017
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