There Are 13 Stages Of Making Out… Which One Are You At?!

There Are 13 Stages Of Making Out… Which One Are You At?!
Just like everything else in life, there are lots of stages of making out. It’s a skill that evolves with time as we learn new tricks and techniques. Here is how we’ve all seen making out evolve, through the ages!

1. Age 15

OMG, he put his mouth on my mouth. It was absolutely crazy! 1 stages of making out

2. Age 16

We got a dare to kiss each other and oh god, it was so wet and sloppy. Is that how it is supposed to be?

3. Age 17

How do these people use the tongue exactly? That’s just gross!
3 stages of making out

4. Age 18

Making out is absolutely wonderful! And this whole tongue business is totally out of this world!

5. Age 19

So what if I broke up with the one true love of my life? I’m still a great kisser. It’s time to put all my skills to use! Young and free, yeah! 5 stages of making out

6. Age 20

I completely have this kissing thing figured out, what with having kissed all of… 5 guys at this point. I could just kiss for hours and hours and do nothing else and still feel AMAZING.

7. Age 21

Okay, he totally had his hands all over me while we kissed. What does that mean?! 7 stages of making out

8. Age 22

Oooh, this tingly sensation I feel while kissing is actually quite a turn on! Getting my hands out and in action!

9. Age 23

To be honest, making out isn’t just about the lips, it’s an experience for your whole body. So you have to put your hands, feet...everything to use! 9 stages of making out

10. Age 24

Ugh, I hate it when people are just get all up in your face while making out. Whatever happened to slow and sensual?

11. Age 25

Making out is just like starters to me before the real deal is served on the table! A really yummy starter. *Wink* 11 stages of making out

12. Age 27

Sex is great and all but making out, that’s what really gets things going. It's all about the foreplay, guys!

13. Age 29

I think I might finally start to understand the right technique behind kissing another human being. It’s not as easy as it seemed 10 years ago. It’s! 13 stages of making out GIFs: Giphy, Tumblr