Dear Fiance, All I Want To Tell You… Before We Tie The Knot!

Dear Fiance, All I Want To Tell You… Before We Tie The Knot!

Dear Fiancé

It’s been a while since our families met and we were formally engaged. Engaged to be together for the rest of our lives. And honestly, I can’t wait for the adventure to begin. To start this journey and step into an all new life that we can call ours. But before I begin with this letter to my fiancé… To you, I want you to know that I love you. I love you truly, madly, deeply and I’ve never been so sure of anything in my life as I am of us.

Our life together will be wonderful, of that I am sure. But I also realise that we’ll have some ups and downs in this relationship. It won’t be a smooth sail always… But with the two of us together, every ride will be one to remember. And don’t you worry baby, because even though I may look all sweet and dainty, I will stand next to you like a rock if you ever need me. Yes, we’ll have our fights, our little differences but that’s what relationships are about, right?

And now coming to our wedding… Phew! It’s going to be a task, you know. And baby, let me warn you beforehand that I may unknowingly give you a hard time! Bear in mind that I’ve been dreaming about this day for way too long and I want it to be perfect. But I won’t go all insane over every little detail, I promise. Just make sure you have enough leaves planned to come shopping with me! That way, you’ll even get a little peek into what you’ve really signed up for! But all said and done, no matter how it all goes, for me, my fairytale wedding just needs you to be standing next to me. With that big toothy smile of yours, that I absolutely adore.

I love you baby and I want you to know that I’ll give your parents the same amount of love, care and respect as I do to my own. I know that you too are already trying your best to bond with my parents and I love you so much for that. My mum and dad mean the world to me and to see you bond with them, just makes my heart swell with happiness. I want to share the exact same rapport with my in-laws - help me through the initial few days, will you?

So, dear husband-to-be, I hereby declare that I’m all ready and willing and excited and can’t wait to get married to you and make you all mine… Officially! And maybe, I don’t know much but I know this much is true - I am blessed because I am loved by you. <3

Now just hurry up and get married to me!

Your crazy in love wifey-to-be.

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