15 Little Things Your Boyfriend Wants… But Might Never Ask For!

15 Little Things Your Boyfriend Wants… But Might Never Ask For!
Unlike most women, who get vocal about the things they want and how they’d like to be treated, most men don’t talk about their wants and needs very often. That’s why, it’s good for a woman to know what guys secretly desire... This would not only make it easier for them to be happy but will also pave the way to a happy and healthy relationship! So here is what your boyfriend wants, ladies - even if hasn't told you yet! 

1. They want romance too

It’s a lie that only women love the mush – men like it too. Maybe not all the time but every once in a while, definitely yes!

2. For you to take control

Don’t leave all the decision making to him. He secretly likes it when you take charge and save him the hassle of thinking about or doing some things.

3. Men’s time out

Just like we like our time with our girlies, men too want to hang out with their all-boy gang. Talking about sports, politics, comparing new gadgets…and whatever else they like!

3 what your boyfriend wants

4. His me-time

Apart from the time out with friends, they need time to spend with themselves too. Alone. Watching TV or a movie or reading a book or the newspaper. Let them be in their zone for a bit!

5. Fun outside the bedroom

Occasionally, it’s fun to do some sexy things to him outside the bedroom. Touch this thigh, keep your hand on his chest, play footsie. Let him know you need him – badly.

6. And inside it too

Don’t forget to take it inside the room! While the bed may seem inviting to crash after a long work day, a little bit of fooling around first isn’t a bad idea. You both can sleep better!

6 what your boyfriend wants

7. Some attention

Yes, deep down, they are vying for your love and attention. They might try to be subtle about it but they love it when you ask them about their day!

8. For you to make a move

From wooing you to doing things together – sometimes they just wish you made the moves. Like planning a date night or a road trip on the outskirts… Think, girl, think!

9. Stay away from too much ‘family’

At times it gets too much about the family - his or yours, doesn’t matter - but it’s hard to be so formal and courteous all the time. So give the family dinner a miss occasionally and just play hooky with him instead!

9 what your boyfriend wants

10. And friends

While this lot can be more casual and easy to handle than the family, it does get a bit exhausting after a while. After all, he needs to spend some quality time with you too, girl!

11. Be surprised with meals

A break from the monotonous or the regular, he wants you to plan a nice surprise meal for him. A compilation of his favourite foods or a theme dinner… He just wants to be pampered a bit!

12. Share fantasies

All of us have fantasies – many of which we don’t openly discuss. Men often don’t talk about this either, so you’ll have to do a bit of probing to get it out of his.

12 what your boyfriend wants

13. Keep the phone far away

The smartphone addiction is the killer of romance in most relationships. Sometimes he just wishes that both of you could put your phones down and listen to each other or even just stare into each other's eyes.

14. Share his interests

He may never say this but he sure is hoping that you guys could do stuff together. Like join a biker’s club or play his favourite sport... Something that interests him and that he thinks you would enjoy too!

15. To spoil you

Because men like to treat the women they love and shower them with happiness. So let him treat you like a princess when he wants too - it's a win-win situation!

15 what your boyfriend wants

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