10 Unexpected, Amazing Things About Marrying Outside Your Caste!

10 Unexpected, Amazing Things About Marrying Outside Your Caste!
Marriage is a beautiful thing and when you marry the person you love – not paying heed to caste or creed, race or community - you know you have loved from the heart. So let us introduce you to some of the really cool things that will happen when you take that leap of faith and marry outside your caste.

1. You get married twice!

To the same man of course, but as per your traditions and his. So that means two sets of awesome bridal dresses and saying ‘I do’ in two great, fun ways – ain’t that cool?

2. You get a new family that’s VERY different from yours

While you are used to your kind of relatives, and crazy family jokes, now you will have a whole new family whose habits and mannerisms are very different than yours. We get that all brides enter into a new family, but this is usually an entirely different world that you get to experience.

2 marry outside your caste

3. Different first language is actually a boon!

You get to speak to your mommy in your language or slang without your hubby or his family being able to eavesdrop. (Just make sure they don’t know the language for sure) *wink*

4. You become more open-minded...

...To people, their cultures and their faith. You make an effort to understand their matters better and respect them. Great learning, we say.

4 marry outside your caste

5. New festivals to celebrate

Think more awesome clothes, good food and so many reasons to celebrate!

6. And the food

Every community has their special dishes and now you get to savour your fave dishes and theirs too, in the comfort of your home.

6 marry outside your caste

7. Two places to go to, for your vacations

You have two options for family vacations – your native and his. Bring on the family fun.

8. Ignorance works in your favour

If you make a mistake – you can always play the oh-I-had-no-idea-about-this card. Works all the time.

8 marry outside your caste

9. Everyone thinks you are cool

Gone are the days when inter-faith couples were frowned upon. In fact, people will definitely respect you for your choice.

10. Your children will get the best of both worlds

They’ll get to experience two different cultures and set of values. And they benefit from all that is mentioned above.

9 marry outside your caste

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