#MyStory: We Tried To Have Sex On The Beach But…

#MyStory: We Tried To Have Sex On The Beach But…

My boyfriend and I have always been the adventurous type when it comes to sex. You name it and I’m sure we’ve tried it at some point or another. We are actually the couple that people label as the ones that love to experiment and have a sizzling sex life! And as you can clearly gauge from my tone, I take a great deal of pride in that. After all, how many couples do you find that are so comfortable with each other’s bodies and sexuality, that they are up for trying almost anything and everything.

Getting back to the point, for a while now, Aman and I wanted to try having sex at the beach. And for that, we would obviously need to go to a beach! Hence, we decided our next vacay destination would be Goa. There are a few secluded private beaches there where one can have a good time, undisturbed by anyone else. So we planned our stay at a hotel with a private beach in South Goa, away from all the hustle and bustle.

After the long three hour flight from Delhi, we reached our hotel finally around 2 pm. We checked in, ordered in some lunch and took a short nap after that. We woke up around 4 pm feeling refreshed and slipped into our swim suits (a sexy Victoria’s Secret bikini, in my case), all set to live our fantasy. We had always discussed how sex on the beach looked so amazing in the movies. With the vastness of the ocean, white sand and the setting sun, and you with the love of your life, it would have to be dreamy. Now that was our dream and we were definitely going to live it, expecting it to be the best sex ever!

Internal sex on the beach

We left our room and super excitedly started walking towards our private beach. Once we got there, we started kissing intensely and deeply under the summer sun. Next, I decided to lie down on the shore, with the waves coming and going, drenching my body every few seconds and receding again. How romantic this was going to be! I moaned softly as soon as Aman started making out with me. While I was lying down, with his weight pressed against my body, pushing my body into the hot sand, I let out a loud squeal. The hot sand was burning my back! I leapt, held Aman’s hand and started walking towards an area which didn't get direct sunlight. Having found a spot, we started with our foreplay session at the beach again. He untied my bikini bottom and went for it. We were finally living our fantasy!

However… Soon the thrusting motion caused my bum to corrode against the rough sand and my body started feeling all itchy, with rashes appearing all over. What else? Every time the waves came flowing over us, they brought with them kilos of sand, depositing it into our private parts, making it grossly difficult to continue. This fantasy, when played out in real life, was turning out to be a disaster. And it felt more like a struggle than romance. But what happened next trumped it all. From the corner of my eye, as Aman continued to work on me, I saw a huge crab racing towards me. Screaming bloody murder, I pushed him away, slipped into my bottoms and made a run for our room. P.S. I am crazy afraid of creepy crawly things. Besides, by then, my patience was exhausted. With the sand and sandy water already all over me, I couldn't take a crab destroying what we expected to be a sexy experience.

After that day, Aman and I checked off sex on the beach from our list of fantasies forever! We ain’t ever trying that again. And in case you're wondering about what happened to the rashes? They took two days to heal. And don't even get me started on the amount of water and scrubbing that it took to get rid of all the sand deposits on and inside our bodies. That was my story of sex on the beach. Now as for you, you could go ahead and live your sex on the beach fantasy, but don’t tell me that I didn’t warn you before…

*Names changed to protect privacy

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