10 Things Every Guy Wants In A Relationship... But Won’t Ask For!

10 Things Every Guy Wants In A Relationship... But Won’t Ask For!
Guys talk about a lot of things, but there are some things that they might be too shy to share with their sweethearts! So we went and uncovered some of the truths that we are dying to share with you. Here is the ultimate guide to understanding what guys want in a relationship!

1. Some TLC

It’s not just a girl thing - every guy wants some TLC every now and then! He may be too shy to ever tell you so, but he loves it when you hug him tight after he’s had a bad day at work or pamper him with breakfast in bed and a little more!

2. The sex goddess in you!

Every man has certain fantasies though he may not be vocal about them. But he wants you to be the girl to make them come true, even if it's by dressing in something absolutely sexy and surprising his brains out!

P.S.: Dressing up like like favorite female superhero is very high up on that list. *Wink*

2 guys want in a relationship

3. For you to count on them

A man takes great pride in being the support system for his girl and he actually loves to catch you every time you fall. He may never tell you this, but he secretly feels happy that you value his opinion and look to him for solutions.

4. You taking the first step

He wants you to break the stereotype and surprise him by being the one to make the first move. Kiss him when he least expects it or be naughty and just spank his butt out of the blue. Trust us, he will be pleasantly surprised and you’ll have us to thank later!

4 guys want in a relationship

5. For you to tell him how you feel

Like women, men too have insecurities, and sometimes quite a few of them too! So it is a good idea to tell him that he’s important to you and that he makes you incredibly happy. They want you to show them that you care and that they're doing something right.

6. To be able to show their super romantic side

Dear girls, your guy may never admit it but all men are big softies at heart. If he loves you, he secretly really enjoys cuddling with you, playing with your hair and being all romantic with you. He craves these little things just as much as you.

6 guys want in a relationship

7. To do ‘boy things’ with you

Your guy goes out shopping with you, helps you decide which dress to wear for a night out and even indulges in long gossip sessions with you, just to make you happy. It's only natural that he wants to do some typically ‘boy’ things with you. Show wants you to show some genuine interest in watching his team play and maybe order in some beers and wear his favourite team jersey too (and nothing else?!).

8. For you to dress up for him

He is all for appreciating you for your natural look and all, but guys also really love it when you make an effort, slip into a sexy dress, put on that red lipstick and heels and actually dress up for him. Not all the time, no, but occasionally every guy wants to see his girlfriend this way.

8 guys want in a relationship

9.  Um, well, blow jobs. Or more of them.

Now, that’s a no brainer. He doesn't want to put you in an awkward place or have you totally judge him for it, but blow jobs are always welcome. And your man can never get enough of them even if he doesn't directly ask you for them.

10. Some space, no questions asked.

Men need time on their own to do absolutely nothing sometimes. It doesn't mean that they are mad at you or something is wrong with your relationship. They often don't find the right way to express this need though, but they really, really need it anyway. Just like you do sometimes!

10 guys want in a relationship

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