27 Thoughts EVERY Guy Has During The Rishta Meeting!

27 Thoughts EVERY Guy Has During The Rishta Meeting!
Rishta meeting - that one dreaded meeting you’d want to avoid at any given cost, right?! We mean, it’s weird and awkward and makes you feel nervous and sometimes excited and so many other things! But guess what girls, it’s not all fun and games for the man either. Don’t you really want to know what guys think? So, for a hearty laugh and the satisfaction of knowing that we girls aren’t the only ones, here are 27 thoughts guys have during the rishta meeting. Don’t forget to share it with your fiance!

1. Okayyy, here she comes!

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2. God, this girl’s pretty.

3. I should’ve totally worn the black blazer.

4. Wow, now I’m excited!

5. Sh*t, I should’ve pulled out the chair for her. What an ass I must look like!

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6. I hope I look fine!

7. She’s smiling! I think she likes me! *Happy dance*

8. Umm... What do we talk about? Should I ask about her job, family, hobbies… So cliche!

9. Wait a minute… She could be my future wife. I almost forgot that!

10. Uh-oh, why can’t I remember her favourite book… She had mentioned it in her profile.

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11. I am SUCH A STUPID GUY. She’s totally going to reject me.

12. Do I ask her for a drink or coffee or… Damn! How can this be SO complicated?!

13. But how come someone as gorgeous as her is still single?!

14. Man, I can totally imagine her without that jacket on.

15. I wonder how she will be in bed. OK... Shut up! I’ve only just met her!

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16. Wait, what if she already has a boyfriend??

17. I love how she twitches her nose like that. So cute!

18. And she just laughed at my joke! *High five to self*

19. I hope she’s not one of those clingy ones, though.

20. She better not be like the last one.

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21. Wait, can she sense that I’m nervous?

22. Do I LOOK nervous?

23. I hope she too is freaking out like me! Why just me??

24. What a girl ya, what a girl!

25. Date’s over? So soon?

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26. I just hope she says yes!

27. Umm… Will this be the last time I get to see her?

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