10 Weird But Awesome Hacks To Make Your Hair Look FAB - Always!

10 Weird But Awesome Hacks To Make Your Hair Look FAB - Always!
We all have our share of bad hair days, don’t we? And how each of us tackles it is what makes or breaks our look. Ladies, what if we tell you that certain tricks will ensure you never have bad hair days again? Well, that’s almost entirely true. Read these 10 weird hair hacks that can make your hair look fabulous every day! They’re easy, quick and so helpful.

1. Sleeping with your hair semi wet

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Want to wake up to fabulously textured hair? Wash your hair in the night and instead of drying it completely before hitting the sack, sleep on a soft pillow with your hair partially damp. Your mane’s sure to look like a dream the next day. It will be voluminous and so bouncy!

2. The toothbrush trick for flyaways

Those pesky flyaways play spoilsport so often when we try to style our hair for a fun night out, right? Try the toothbrush trick that we know is soon going to be your go-to method for this problem. Spritz a little bit of hairspray on a toothbrush and run that on the flyaways to settle them into the rest of your tresses. Just a few strokes should do the job, ladies.

3. Perky ponytail with pins

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High ponytails look so adorable when they’re freshly made. What spoils the look entirely is when they start to droop. Here’s a trick to handle this - use 2-3 bobby pins and slide them into your hair tie, facing downwards towards the back of your neck. This will keep the ponytail in place and perky all day!

4. Powder for all the drama

On days when your hair is unwashed or appearing more greasy than normal, apply some talcum powder on the roots. This not only absorbs the oil, but also gives your hair the required texture if you want to style it in a particular way. It works like magic on bad hair days,trust us!

5. Beach wave it the smart way

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Don’t beachy waves look just so awesome?! And ladies, it’s a very easy look to manage. Here’s how - apply some mousse to your semi-dry hair and scrunch it up in a bun as you're getting ready for the day. Leave it that way till you hair is fully dry. Then, open up that bun and say hello to gorgeous beach waves!

6. Fight frizz with hand lotion

You don’t have to buy fancy hair products like serums and leave-in conditioners to battle frizzy hair. On days when the frizz is getting out of hand, just pull out that hand lotion from your bag, take a pea-sized drop in your palm, rub your hands together before swiping them down the length of your hair. This will battle frizz as well as any expensive serum, we promise.

7. A shot of vodka for extra shiny hair

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This is just for those special occasions, ladies. Once you’ve shampooed your hair, put a shot of vodka in a mug of water and finish off your hair wash with a rinse of it. This will make your hair extremely lustrous and stunning. However, this cannot be a regular practice as that can dry out your hair.

8. Sticky bobby pins last longer

Isn’t it so annoying when your pin up your hair and leave your home with your hair looking perfect, and as the day passes, you end up looking shabby as the pins don’t stay in place? Ladies, you can zap this problem by simply spritzing hairspray on your bobby pins and leaving them bundled up in a tissue for just a few seconds. Then use them to pin up your hair. They will be a tad bit sticky but they will stay in place ALL DAY!

9. Use aluminium foil when curling

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And you thought aluminium foil was only used on your hair when you’re getting it coloured. Once you’ve curled your hair, place the curls in a foil and either use a straightener over that or a blow dryer. The heat from these tools will make your curls last for much longer than you can imagine!

10. Tease away for volume

Be it a limp braid or pinned up straight hair that’s looking too lifeless - pinch and tease your hair to add volume and bounce. As for a braid, pull and tease each piece of the braid till it becomes broad enough for your liking. Back combing or just pinching your hair closer to the roots can make any hairstyle look more glamorous.

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