10 Genius Makeup Tricks To Look FAB In Your Wedding Photos!

10 Genius Makeup Tricks To Look FAB In Your Wedding Photos!
When choosing your makeup, one of the most important things to consider is how those colours would look in your photos. There are so many beautiful colours that tend to look either too washed out or too clown-like on camera. To steer clear from such mishaps, keep reading to ace your wedding day makeup and look great in pictures as well!

1. Primer is a must

This step is not to be missed as it ensures that your makeup glides on smoothly and stays put for a long time. It preps your skin for the application of makeup and conceals any visible pores. Choose your primer based on your skin type and the finish that you desire for your makeup to really pop on camera.

2. Conceal well

2 look great in pictures

A good concealer is half the job done, really. Pick the right colour for your complexion for that natural finish. Make sure you blend well with a damp sponge or concealer brush to avoid any streakiness. Under the flash, streakiness and the wrong colour of makeup becomes very obvious, so blend, blend and then blend some more.

3. Brow detail

Brows can make or break a look. Makeup is incomplete without defined brows. Whether you like them arched or flat, thin or thick, make sure you don’t miss doing them up. On a full face of makeup, undone brows will stand out in a not-so-nice way and make the face look washed out. Once you’ve filled in and shaped your brows as you like, set them with a brow gel to look perfect in every picture.

4. Highlight your features

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Draw attention to the high points of your face like your cheekbones, nose etc., and give the flash something to bounce of off, by using an illuminator or highlighter. Start with a cream based one and set it with a powder highlighter to make it last long. Be careful not to go overboard with it else you could end up with your face looking oily!

5. Contour your way to a chiselled look

Contouring is all the rage this season and rightly so. It can make your face appear chiselled, slim and absolutely marvellous in pictures. Use a darker shade of concealer/ foundation to create shadows in the hollows of your face and use an illuminator on the high points to create dimension. This will accentuate the natural shadows that are cast by your features giving you an elegant and chiselled look.

6. Know your skin tone

6 look great in pictures

Pick your base makeup such as foundation, concealers, highlighters and correctors based on your skin tone. If you have a yellowish skin tone, using pink shades could make you look washed out. And shades from the yellow palette on skin that is of a pinkish tone, could make you look orangey. And these are more accentuated on camera so be sure to try out your makeup in different types of lighting to make sure it suits you well.

7. For those luscious looking lips

Exfoliate your lips with a sugar scrub to get rid of the patchy bits (you don’t want patchy lips and uneven colour showing in your wedding pictures, do you?). Plump up your lips by using a cinnamon-based lip balm before you apply your lip liner/ lipstick. Line your lip as close to your natural lip line as possible to create a good definition before filling them in with lip colour. The camera does wash out certain nude/ natural shades so be sure to apply enough of the colour and do a couple of test shots to see how it fares.

8. Well-defined eyes

8 look great in pictures

Whether your style is minimalistic or dramatic, ensure that your eye makeup is precise. The smudged effect doesn’t go too well with the camera and can even make you look like a racoon in pictures. Even if you are opting for a smokey-eyed look, make sure that you don’t overdo it.

9. Don’t skip the blush

Don’t skip the blush entirely, even if you are opting for a minimalistic look. It brings colour to your face and shows nicely on camera. Pick a more neutral shade that enhances your natural skin tone without it looking too garish. Make sure it complements your eye and lip makeup and of course, the colours of your wedding dress.

10. Lighting matters when applying your makeup too

10 look great in pictures

When applying your wedding makeup, try to imitate the wedding lighting as far as possible to make sure your makeup artist knows how the colours would actually show in the lighting at your wedding venue. Click a few pictures to see if the colours actually work in that lighting. Doing a trial beforehand will ensure there isn’t any sort of a last-minute panic and running around.

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