11 Tiny Wedding Details Most Brides & Grooms Forget On D-Day!

11 Tiny Wedding Details Most Brides & Grooms Forget On D-Day!
Wedding planning can be quite chaotic with a gazillion things that need to be looked into and all the running around that it involves. And due to all the work and confusion, most brides and grooms often forget some minor yet important things during their wedding. To make the biggest and happiest day of your life glitch-free, here’s a list of wedding details almost every bride and groom tends to forget on D-day.

1. Vendor meals

These are the people who have made your dream wedding come true and have worked day and night for it. It is important to make arrangements for their meals and add them in the head count you give to your caterer.

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2. Adequate lighting

Ceremonies and functions getting delayed is a very common thing that happens during the wedding. So if you have planned day pheras, be prepared for the function to go on till sunset. Therefore, talk to your decorator about a backup lighting plan. You really don’t want to get stressed on the day as it becomes dark and you’re stuck with poor lighting. Imagine how the photographs would turn out, ladies!

3. Seating for the aged

It would be difficult for your grandparents and other elderly friends and family members to sit on any kind of low seating that you’ve got arranged around your mandap or for any other ceremony. Ensure that there is comfortable seating along with a backrest for them.

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4. Stationery for the wishing tree

You both might have planned to have the most beautiful wishing tree at your wedding for all your guests to write a sweet message to both of you as a couple. But what is most often forgotten is to keep pens for them to leave behind a note.

5. Time of sunset

Photographs taken during the daytime come out way better than ones taken at night. Keep a check on what time the sun will set and schedule your functions accordingly. This will help your photographer get the perfect lighting for his shots.

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6. Phone charger

This is something that is usually forgotten by the bride when she is packing her bag to leave for the parlour or her bag for the wedding night. While sitting in the parlour you don’t want to have a dead phone and neither would you want to have your phone not charged after the wedding functions are over. So ladies, pack your phone charger in a place from where it is easily accessible.

7. Transportation for the guests

If you need transportation for your guests to travel from their hotels to the wedding venue, keep in mind that not everyone will be ready on the designated time and there will always be some guests who will be running late. Arrange for this pick-drop to happen in shifts so that there isn’t too much of a delay in your functions and all the guests are taken care of.

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8. A backup team

No, we don’t mean that you need to have backup vendors for your wedding. What we mean is that both of you need to delegate duties and coordinate with your siblings, cousins or friends. This will help the vendors to contact the right person for all the doubts and questions since you both will not be available all the time.

9. Don’t forget to eat

The bride and groom sometimes get so busy that they often forget to eat their meals! You both need the energy and also need to enjoy all the yummy food at your wedding. So, take out time and binge in your shaadi ka khaana!

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10. Honeymoon packing

Trust us, you wouldn't want to pack the day after your wedding. With so much happening right after the wedding, packing would be the last thing on your mind. So you must pack your honeymoon bags before the wedding functions begin. Make sure you both are all set, well in advance, to pick up your bags and leave for the best holiday of your lives.

11. Make time for each other

In the middle of all that wedding madness, couples often forget to take time out for each other. Never forget that these days of your life will never come back. So make beautiful and long-lasting memories together.

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