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12 Cute Surprises For His *First Birthday* After The Shaadi!

12 Cute Surprises For His *First Birthday* After The Shaadi!

No matter how long you have known each other, your hubby’s first birthday after the wedding is super special and you’ve got to make it a memorable one. First, because it’s his first one as Mr Husband and secondly, because you, the wife, will be making it awesome for him! Here are some adorable ways to surprise your husband on his first birthday after the wedding.

1. Breakfast in bed

A very common concept but a great surprise nonetheless!. Somehow, we all plan it but never end up doing it. Try it. Invest in a small foldable table (which you can later use for your laptop as well) and get some awesome crockery to go with it. A cupcake with a candle to go along with the brekkie is fab too! 1 surprise your husband

2. Bake him a cake

You don’t have to be a pro at baking to pull this one off. A simple walnut cake, even if it’s with a premix is really easy to bake if you just follow the instructions on the box – and your man will love it more than a store-bought one. Really!

3. Write him a poem

No, we aren’t asking you to be the next Lord Byron or John Keats. Just pen down your thoughts and it’s okay if they don’t rhyme. Make it romantic, ladies.

4. Get personalized

Whatever you plan to give him – get it embossed with his initials and the date. It will turn into a memory of a lifetime. 4 surprise your husband

5. Take him out for a drive

Go behind the wheel and head out for a spin. Can’t drive? Hire a car and go on the outskirts of your city! Carry a picnic basket or go to a restaurant or dhaba – have a nice, hearty meal and get back before the rush hour begins.

6. Make a scrapbook for him

A DIY book with a polaroid pic from the wedding, one from the honeymoon, crazy selfies of the two of you… There’s so much you can put in there. Pin up boarding passes from your first flight together, add poems, quotes, phrases, and whatever else that is special for the two of you as a couple. Get creative, ladies!

7. Surprise party

The usual. Pretend like his birthday is no big deal and at the backend, plan a surprise party at home. Get his friends and other loved ones to scream ‘surprise’ when he gets back home in the evening! Perfect way to involve his fave people on this special day, isn’t it? 7 surprise your husband

8. Make love coupons

A totally cheesy idea but hey, your man won’t be complaining, so you shouldn’t either. That way you can extend his gift-in-kind for up to a week or a month even!

9. Organise a treasure hunt

Not where he needs to venture out into the woods but a simple in-house game of sorts. The treasure could be the gift you plan to give him. Make him really hunt, but make sure the gift is worth the effort. *Wink*

10. Caricature or portrait of his

Call a professional artist and get a caricature or a portrait of his done. This would be one of those gifts that last a lifetime.
10 surprise your husband

11. Birthday surprise in office

Does he have a long day at work? Try making it lighter for him by organizing a small birthday do at his office. Befriend his colleagues, and if possible, rope in his boss and make it awesome with the balloons, ribbons, cake and snacks. Have fun.

12. Surprise him in bed

Need we say more? GIFs: Tumblr, Giphy
Published on Dec 15, 2016
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