10 Secret Ways To Make ANY Outfit Look More Expensive!

10 Secret Ways To Make ANY Outfit Look More Expensive!
Whether we shop from Sarojini or Zara, we want all our outfits to look just as classy. Just because you thrift shop doesn’t mean it has to show on your clothes. Because obviously, you didn’t buy that sequin mini skirt from Janpath for people to know! If you want all your clothes to look posh and expensive, we have a few secrets to share with you. Here are 10 amazing ways to make your outfits look expensive!

1. Go for tailored pieces

1 make your outfits look expensive

Always! Well tailored pieces make all the difference. A well fitted shirt from Colaba Causeway will definitely look better than an ill fitting shirt you spent a bomb on. If you own a couple of ill fitting but expensive clothes you would like to flaunt, get them altered. You can thank us later!

2. Pair your clothes smartly

2 make your outfits look expensive

Dressing from head to toe in thrifted clothes is really not a good idea. You can pair an expensive piece with something you picked while thrift shopping. For instance, you could wear a pair of well fitted expensive jeans with a top you bought on the street and look very well put together. This is a very useful tip to keep in mind if you want to look fashionable on a budget. A look that is a balance of thrifted styles and high street or designer wear is how most fashionistas nail their daily style.

3. Create a smooth silhouette under your clothes

3 make your outfits look expensive

As little a piece of clothing as it may be, our inner wear is actually a very important part of our outfit. Visible bra and panty lines can be very distracting and will surely grab all the attention for the wrong reasons. Whereas, a well fitted bra and seamless underwear can make your clothes look more luxe instantly.  

4. Invest in good footwear

4 make your outfits look expensive

Invest in good footwear, ladies. No matter how shabbily you’re dressed, wearing a pair of shoes that speak for themselves, solves half your problems. Go for footwear that’ll never go out of style, if you don’t want to spending on shoes to stay updated with the current trends. A pair of nude ballerinas, black pumps or cute white sneakers are good to begin with.

5. Keep it really really simple

5 make your outfits look expensive

Because sometimes going OTT can work against you. We all know, less is more after all. So keep your outfits simple and sophisticated by wearing only classic pieces or well fitted clothes. Layering is a great idea if you want to look fashionable, but sometimes, it’s best to keep it simple. Wearing an outfit comprised of one colour or shades of one colour can make you look more polished than wearing an ensemble that is made up of too many colours.

6. Colour block with neutral colours

6 make your outfits look expensive

Colour block bright hues with neutral shades to look stunning. A pair of beige trousers teamed with a bright coloured sweater will be a winning combination! Though colour blocking with contrasting colours is a hot trend, choosing to pair bright hues with neutral ones will make you look more classy and is a fail-safe look.   

7. Go for metallic accessories

7 make your outfits look expensive

Ditch those stones and make a statement with big, bold metallic jewellery. A chunky necklace, a bold cuff bracelet or statement earrings, they’ll all add an expensive touch to your outfits. Go for metallic jewellery in gold tones as it exudes a more expensive and chic vibe.

8. Add a stylish silk scarf

8 make your outfits look expensive

Now that’s a no brainer. A silk scarf is a versatile piece we all have used to make our outfits look better! Wearing a silk scarf around your neck will definitely add the missing charm to your outfit. If you’re dressed casually and want to add a funky touch to your look, wear your silk scarf around your ponytail or knot a chic side braid.

9. Choose black over other warm colours

9 make your outfits look expensive

When thrift shopping, avoid warm colours like browns, olives and instead choose black. Warm colours look very dull with prints if they’re made from an inexpensive material. Black on the other hand is a safer bet. Bright colours and monochromes will always look better than warm coloured clothes as they create a more crisp illusion.

10. Don’t over wash your clothes

10 make your outfits look expensive

Yes, we know you want to keep your clothes clean, but washing isn’t always the answer. Washing your clothes too much will wear down the fabric and make the clothes look old and dull. Try spot cleaning with a sponge or toothbrush in case of any stains or consider dry cleaning to keep your clothes fresh and new!

Let us know if these hacks helped you!

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